Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bimbo or Something Else? Smart Enough to Know the Difference!

Or protagonist can tell, how about you? Come in and decide for yourself!

Hope that everyone made it through the initial hit of Irma, and that the backside won't be more than a tiny spank on Florida's backside. It can be a naughty state, so a slight paddling can keep it in line!

Made this one for Sarine Davis aka Belladonna. It is hard for me to believe that I haven't created a caption for her in almost a year (October 2016) so I am going to try to make sure I craft another one before New Years. This was a lot of fun to make, and once again, hope that playful nature comes out in the actual caption itself. The photo is fabulous and I'm glad I was able to pull that story out of it. Sometimes a source picture can just give you everything you need, and you just have to document what is going on. Then again, perhaps you might have come up with something different.

The days are now getting shorter, the evenings are getting brisk (YAY!) and that damn pumpkin spice shit is back! Only thing I don't like about the fall and Halloween which is only 50 days or so away, right? Time to stock up on my eye of newt and pelican lips so I can get all my spells right for then.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What story would you have in mind with the source picture I used in this caption? I feel like there are at least a few different stories there, waiting to be told. What does it say to you? Also, I need some new TG places to visit. Provide some links to sites or blogs you think that I might enjoy, that aren't in my left hand column!


  1. Love the caption. I would never haver gone with that story. Think I may have been given the librarian dose at the moment. I think the easy route for the photo would be the hooker or abandoned in heels route. But going a little left field the beam of light to the right could go with an UFO or maybe a divine intervention or gathering unto the bosom of the maker.

    1. That is a little left field to consider that it could be some sort of divine intervention. Hmm, I will have to keep that in mind somewhere down the road, since other than my 1000 post caption, I don't think I've seen God involved in a TG caption.

      I figured someone would say "Hooker" but I don't think they usually wear white tops.

    2. Yes I was thinking a hard line christian finding out that God was in fact a Goddess.
      Do they not wear white? Iam thinking something to do with stains now! Black? no just as bad. Blobby patterns? Yes that should do the trick.

  2. Ian is being far too modest (though it is cute on him). His site is very nice

  3. Hmmm.. a story?

    Bill wanted his girl to wear short skirts and heels more. She said that she felt uncomfortable and was on display, and he didn't understand. She felt she stuck out. She wished he could walk a mile in her shoes. She bet him $1000 he could not walk a mile in her shoes in a half hour. She even offered to dress him up and do his makeup. For $1000, he agreed, and they had a drink on it.

    She did his makeup, and he was lovely. He started out, sure he would make it and no one would notice him.

    Bill's girlfriend had an ace up her sleeve.. she crushed two Viagra in his beer... Bill was soon seated and covering up.... because he was sticking out....