Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Hens Determine the True Pecking Order! A Blog Exclusive!

I don't think I've EVER made a caption like this one, and I haven't even had my pain meds yet!

Not sure how much I will be writing here tonight as I've got a pinched nerve in my neck that is quite painful. Did I get it exploring caves? Rescuing orphan kittens from a burning building? Skate boarding or wind surfing? Riding a roller coaster? Nope. Sneezing! So now we know which fucking dwarf had a herniated disk!

Anyway. you should probably read the caption first, then maybe take a shower, gargle with mouth wash or something, and then come back and read what I have to say. I started the caption with just the picture, and a thought that even though she is wearing some restrictive bondage type clothing, she certainly didn't LOOK like a submissive woman to me, and was obviously hiding something between her legs. Also, she seemed to be looking down at some one.

So that vibe of girl/guy in a dominating position just sort of marinated my idea stew for a few minutes while I pondered how I could fit all those conflicting positions into one standard plot.

I started a spiel which was sort of a villainous monologue but more of an explanation of how wearing clothing like that can be freeing to ones identity .. and if THIS model was a submissive sissy or something, who possibly could she be talking down to where SHE is still in control? 

At that point, I knew I couldn't make this for anyone, at least anyone I knew on the Haven. Perhaps someone in one of those RP sites with the maids, secretaries, and such that Caitlyn knows. But if I wanted it unfiltered, I'd have to use "Trevor" .. and if your real name is that and you enjoyed this caption .. congratulations, you've hit the jackpot!

I think this might be the closest I've come to understanding a cuckold relationship. Obviously, the protagonist loves his wife, enough that he's allowed himself to become her plaything and let her have a bunch of women on the side (and probably guys as well.) His wife is insatiable, and her dominance is unquestioned. What if she dominates a women so completely, with a husband that is hopelessly useless in any way? Well, how about creating a plaything slave for her sissy hubby? Bingo!

That's a total display of power and the ultimate mind-fuck. So the pecking order is Dom wife, sub wife, sissy cuckold, sub slave hubby.

Since this is a blog exclusive, Please feel free to comment. Ask questions and demand answers! Too over the top, or not enough? Predictable or didn't see it coming? Like it, love it, hate it, wanna live it .. what do you think?!?


  1. Poor Dee, trapped nerves are horrid things. I get it in my right hand and end up with no feeling at all in two fingers. But every cloud and silver lining, its interesting having a wank.
    Love the caption. I don't think I have read that scenario before.

  2. Even having read the background first I didn't quite guess how the monologue and the image would marry until I read the caption. It is, obviously, clever and well executed. I have read of the 'slave of a slave' scenario before but it is a rare one and still rarer to make it properly hang together effectively without becoming an unknowing pastiche of itself. I think this caption avoids that fate!

    Sorry to hear about your trapped nerve! You too, Ian, they sound bloody annoying. I have nothing to offer but the cold sympathy of words over the internet, but offer them I do.

  3. Well now....while I do understand that in the "pecking order" in our house I'm at the bottom that really is for only as long as I agree to it!
    We love each other and we take care of each others needs, sexually and otherwise, but I do retain a veto power, which she has given me, although I rarely use it....
    She knows me so well after years of exploring our limits that she rarely exceeds them although occasionally she'll give them a little test!!!
    So I guess you could say that if I was faced with the scenario above I think I'd be pretty OK with that because of my subby nature but if I had an issue well we would at the very least discuss it....I trust her to look out for me!!!
    I liked the cap and I', sorry I didn't comment earlier....been a little under the weather for the past six or seven days....