Friday, August 4, 2017

The One About Sally Bend Starring in a Meta Caption With Another Author!

Well, something is definitely better than nothing I guess. When in doubt, go meta!

I have a few captions that are just about done. Right now they are looking for something to star in them, then I can write them up to fit the recipient better. Didn't want to hunt them down in the Haven, so I found a picture today that I figured I could do something with and make a meta-caption with.

So, yeah .. after about 5 minutes I had the first paragraph, and that was it. Totally going nowhere. I started writing this actual second paragraph, and thought, well, I will definitely have SOMETHING to post tonight if I keep this plot line. Then I figured, if this was a universe, couldn't I just send her elsewhere to have her fate decided there? Seemed as good a plan as any other I had, so I went for it.

Of course, since this was a meta caption for a blog exclusive here, why not reference a few people in the left hand column of TG creators and reviewers that I enjoy reading? Sally Bend comments quite often here, so I wanted to pay her back for her support. And what crueler fate could exist for a character in TG fiction ending up in a story written by Anne Michelle? Mission accomplished.

So, to recap, Dee dealing with a sickness is Dee in a weird mode. Perhaps I'll try creating another caption or two later on .. at least I can read this a week from now and say, "WTF was that? Really?"


  1. And Ann has just the school to send Sally to.

  2. Arthur Dent switched of the computer and turned to face Luke Skywalker.
    "Things are getting weird again"
    "I'll say"
    Meanwhile Dee Vader wondered how she could be Kirks mother and father?

  3. I love it - made my day! And, let's be honest, life in an Anne Michelle story could be a lot of fun. :)