Sunday, August 6, 2017

Dude! You Got "The Treatment" Today! Totally Kewl!

It worked so much better than calling it, "The Sickness" I mean, who would be down with that?

Saw this picture and they ending came right to me, that she just seemed really clinical about the whole transformation. Just had to figure out a way back to the beginning of the story. Sometimes that is the best way to write though. I know it's a bit of a TG trope going back 20 years now, but I'll have to admit, it's a really good one!

I wonder about the rules of "The Treatment" too. 

Like, are parents allowed to stop it from happening if they so desire, and do they know about it before they move onto that town? 

Do the kids have an option to stay that changed? What happens then?

Is it promoted as a good thing, so Libby and the future Dee are really happy about it like in this caption, does it feel like a punishment to some in the town, or something in between?

I'll assume that it isn't magical, but some sort of technology. Is there a big pharmaceutical company there that uses the kids as guinea pigs for really low taxes or free college? How else could something like this happen, and gain traction as a yearly tradition?

What do you think the back story is with regards to "The Treatment"? If I had any sort of attention span, this might be something I would make more captions set within this plot, or turn it into a novel .. but when would I ever do THAT? Love to hear how you would flesh out this universe!


  1. Oh my....a world where you literally had to walk in her shoes (heels) for a year....what would it be like.....
    Oh my goodness Dee this opens a world of possible tangents...
    A world of possible stories can spring from this one idea!!!!
    Do they all willingly submit?
    Do they all willingly switch back?
    What about the teens that have fallen in love as they are?
    How do the parents react?
    What about their pre and post change peers, how do they react?
    Oh many stories to tell.....a novel wouldn't fit them all!!!
    It's a world so unlike our own where not only are you encouraged to see it from another's point of have no choice in the matter!!!!
    Dee. I can honestly say I might just borrow this idea for a few posts of my own....I hope you don't mind....I'll meet you on the bench and we can talk it over....

  2. Dee, I have been following your blog for about 6-7 months and this comment is LONG overdue! You are terrific! I love the captions you create to match the photos. They seem so feasible, and they fit in perfectly. This one is an excellent example. The girl in the photo looks absolutely giddy, as she touchs herself. It's not sexy or alluring, it's cute and funny. It really gives the impression, it is the first time she's ever touched herself?

    So your post about her just having the surgery fits like a hand in a glove. She's very proud of it, and she's showing it to her Bro, like she's showing him her new car. Pointing out all its features! Then to continue with the car analogy, she talks about customizing it. Getting a new set of big, bright headlights!

    Dee, thank you so much for all you do and all your hard work!

    Joe D. Footsniffer

    1. Hi Joe....glad you're OK I've missed your delightful feedback...

  3. I'm imagining a female-led society where the scales have, perhaps, tipped a little bit too far the other way. Rather than a swapping of gender roles, I see a swapping of gender. A messy blending, but an intriguing one.

    I guess what we need is a second caption showing how the naturally born girls are transformed, and what they do to their gender-swapped lovers. :)