Thursday, August 3, 2017

Swap Class Pre-Requisites! A Caption from Olivia Lovely!

Sorry,  but I've been a bit under the weather. Here's a recent fun caption I received from Olivia!

On anti-biotics again and am hoping to have a specialist see me as soon as a referral can be had. Should be posting something again hopefully on Friday.

As per my response when I received this caption a week or two ago:
Hmm, doesn't seem like it matters if we fail or not! Either we'll be stuck as girls, or we'll go back to our old selves all femmed up and stuck as girls, especially since we are already trying to act like girls to succeed! Seems like the school really figured out how to take care of us! 
Great caption and a seemingly wonderful universe that could and should be fleshed out. I mean, I am all for vagueness in captions, but this seems to ask questions like why do they do swaps, and how long has it been going on, and with what purpose does it happen .. and can people stay swapped if both parties wish to do so. 
Wonderfully done!
So glad that I can highlight some other captioners work when I don't have anything quite ready for posting. Hope you enjoyed this caption as well! I don't think she had a blog, so you'll have to just catch her on Rachel's Haven! Or leave her some nice comments here and I'll let her know you said something. She loved feedback!

Great performance by a great band. I really miss Dave Lombardo on drums. Gary Holt (from Exodus) has been tremendous in replacing Jeff Hanneman on guitar.

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  1. A great caption Olivia, A wonderful twist at the end. I like to think the band also takes a whole new direction and with an unbreakable record deal contract.