Sunday, August 13, 2017

Irony in a Funny Way, or Funny in an Ironic Way?

Or does that mean the same thing? Better get Alanis Morrissette on the phone! NOW UPDATED!

This caption pretty much formed as it went along, pretty much on its own momentum. Mostly wanted to make a caption for a new member of the Haven, Amberstar. She much likes the premises of accidental or forced, so I played a bit with each during the run through the caption. She doesn't mind memory retention, or a complete mental change with quirks, so I thought it would be fun to play with that as well .. and why not tie her friend into it as well?

The major preference though driving my creativity for her in this one was in her preferences: "Changed by a cursed item, or alien tech.  Changed by girlfriend, or some unknown-fiendish entity." I started with item number one and then, slowly revealed a secondary but main reason why the 'weirdness' of her memory was happening.  Lastly, in a note, she revealed, "I really enjoy process and story." I probably wrote TOO much (and could have used even more space if I had it!) and more than usual, I think I delivered on both counts.

Its always a good thing when you can give a recipient what they want, and when you can give them something extra, it makes it interesting for me too. Just that bit of nuance that plays with their prefs, and tickles the fancy of those reading it. Lastly, I like the picture for this caption because it doesn't give anything away. Usually I like more expressive photos, but for what I ended up creating .. it needed to be a bit of a blank canvas. It's a girl in her room looking into a laptop. With that,I could bend the plot to however it needed to go .. and if you can't follow it, please ask in the comments, and I'll fill you in as to what happened!


Ok. the basics of the story are as follows: Amber originally was a guy. He and his parents were aghast when Damien came out as LGBT and pretty much threw him out for deviant behavior or he ran away. Before he left, he did some sort of magic (the laptop for Amber, other objects for his parents) so that over time, they all became what they didn't understand, hopefully reuniting them at some point. In the end, Mom became a butch lesbian, Dad became a flamboyantly gay drag queen, and Amber became a girl and later on a submissive lipstick lesbian.


Never really thought that 35 years later, this song, and Jello's rant before it, would ever become relevant again. Makes me sick to my stomach.


  1. I am a bit lost on this one. read it three times, i make Amber Damian, not sure how mum and dad got changed, or if the nose ring or sweater have something to do with it.
    Oh and which one is Keyser Soze?

  2. I'll post as an update in the actual posting.