Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Boys Will Be Boys .. Ms Mentia Will Be the Voice of Reason!

Well, sometimes my mother means well, but something gets lost in the translation!

Made this for Totalditz when I found the picture online, and it ended up being a bit darker than originally thought up, but I'll stand by it as a better storyline and it isn't so dark you feel like you need to take a shower. Almost feels like that REALLY old story, "Slumber Party Nightmare" posted a gazillion years ago, and retold a few times as well, notably by Bill Hart of Spells R Us fame.

Anyway it was real fun to write and also be a guest star in this caption that can really get your fantasy wheels turning. Maybe you end up seeing us at the mall and try to help us, and Chloe's mom ends up regressing you to first communion age or ships you off to private school with those fancy uniforms!

I would write more but honestly, Madden Mobile 18 was just released like 2 hours ago and I'm itching to play and establish my team, so I will bid you adieu for now. See you in a day or two!

Also, I updated the last post as Ian was sort of confused about the plot. I have a feeling that others might have been a bit hazy on it too so I wrote out the plot that was in my head, which might not have been communicated as well as I thought I did. I completely understand and even the "meh" vote didn't bother me on that one!


  1. I love it, but I want to know what happened during those 5 minutes. Was his mom that persuasive, or was there perhaps some sort of mind control or hypnosis involved?

    1. In a word, "Yes!" As in I thin his mom is very persuasive because she uses some sort of mind control or hypnosis. I think her last name might be "Mesmer" LOL

      As a followup, I wonder if Chloe will have that sort of power at some point too, as in, is it hereditary or learned .. which either way could still be used by Chloe that way.

    2. looking like that, Chloe will have power over men, that's for sure....

  2. Love the caption. Although in your post amble you hinted that Step mom was using mind control, But I expect we have all meet people who talk with such conviction and confidence. They have the answers to your objections.Sure sometimes they talk sense but other times you just know they are talking Bollocks but lack the ammo to defeat their beliefs.