Thursday, August 10, 2017

Think Before You Take that Midnight Train .. Going Anywhere!

I am finally get over a rough patch of sickness, and my brain is rebelling by being extremely silly!

This came together fairly easily. The picture made me think of the song, "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey, that has somehow become a song classic within the last 10 years. If you ever watch the "React" type videos on Youtube, even teens know this song, and many even know the band!

Why the photo made me think that is beyond me right now, but anyway! When I was younger, I was like, "if they are both on a midnight train, why didn't they crash into each other?" and then, "well, are they both also on the midnight train to Georgia?" as if every song in existence belonged to the same universe. I mean, what if Lola from the Kinks song, was also the same Lola from "Copa Cabana" by Barry Manilow? Think about it, won't you?

So this is just a bit of fluffy fun expanding on that though from when I was young. I knew that Jinny would enjoy it and she did. Besides, there are way too many midnight trains in pop music history!

Mentioned that I was going to post another TG TV type caption today. Also mentioned in the comments that I should probably list some shows that I DO watch. This would probably be a really short list, so let's go!

One of my favorite shows, well until the last season, was Archer. It's an animated "spy" comedy set in an undetermined past, like in the 60's-80's but with cell phones and computers and .. it's just a great show with so many snappy lines of dialog. There's a heiress with a choking sex fetish, Archer is a alcoholic Bond-type operative with a mommy fetish. They have a Q type guy who possibly is a clone of Adolph Hitler who created a hologram anime girlfriend, and those are only a few of the characters.

Another is Rick and Morty. Hard to describe, but if Back to the Future was written by Seth MacFarlane on acid. One of the best shows ever on Adult Swim, and created by Dan Harmon, of Community fame. Rick is an alcoholic scientist who travels between multi-verses, often with his grandson Morty, and they've buried many versions of their other selves within the 3 years. In this clip, Rick had turned himself into a pickle, because obvious reasons!

I've been watching American Ripper, with the claim that Chicago Death Hotel serial killer, H. H. Holmes is also London's infamous Saucy Jack. Three episodes remain, and all the evidence is as circumstantial as could be, but it is still compelling in a odd way. The Former CIA operative Amaryllis Fox sits in chairs really weirdly, like she is being possessed by a 6 year old child.

Oh yeah, and I watch American Pickers when I'm seated in front of an actual TV.

For sports, it's mostly NFL football, not college, and I'll watch the NHL Hockey games. If there is a good PPV for WWE or UFC, I'll watch that too.

I tend to watch Youtube for things like Honest Trailers, the React Channel, and many different kinds of Bushcraft Adventuring. Of course, music and live concert videos are a big part of my Youtube diet too. Nothing like seeing a band live and firing on all cylinders to get the blood flowing!


  1. My god Dee how I hate this song....I can't even put it into words....I usually have music on no matter what I'm doing....right now I;m listening to Jethro Tull's War Child album (yes vinyl) it was vastly underrated....
    Anyway trying to be objective about the cap I like the idea of the two colliding and switching,,,after all they were both going "anywhere"!!!
    AS for your program choices I loved Archer, although I was not a fan of this last season....
    You like Rick and Morty too!!!! No wonder we get along so well!!!! A truly twisted and somewhat depraved take on Back to the Future maybe? But it's unique and original and a joy to wife thinks it's just a silly cartoon...but we know better, don't we...
    I was curious about the American Ripper show, I read a book about the Holmes case some years ago but I don't remember the was horrific...but for some reason this show just didn't catch my interest....I watched the first episode but the next installments are just sitting on the DVR waiting for me to delete them...
    Finally we get to Mike and Frank on American Pickers....I love this show and I can sit and watch it for hours....seen it before....doesn't matter I'll watch it again....I love history....particularly American history....I read it all the time and I'm constantly watching documentaries about it,,,,,when I'm not otherwise fact I'll be in Nashville in about a week to see the Total Eclipse but I also want to stop in their shop and buy something.....I don't much care what and my wife has given me a $$$ limit....but I want to buy something that's been pulled out of obscurity and given another chance to live!!!!
    I've been really long-winded here this morning and I've got to get my ass moving....she'll be up in minutes and I've got to at least get the coffee on!!!
    Liked the cap!!!

    1. About Archer: Well, you probably aren't going to like the next season either as it is yet another flashback / coma dream. They are coming REAL close to losing me as a fan. I'm giving the new season TWO episodes or I'm done.

      I can understand your wife's feeling on Rick and Morty as she felt the same way about Archer, Family Guy and American Dad. While I don't really watch Family Guy anymore, I can catch an episode here and there, and the one with Stewie and Brian locked in a bank vault is so profane, yet so compelling and chilling that I can excuse every fart joke Seth's ever written after seeing it.

      Ripper is better than it should be, and she tries to play the reluctant bad cop, sometimes with success but it is what it is.

      SO exited that you are going to one of their stores!I hope it doesn't turn out to be all tourist trap oriented like what happened to the Pawn Stars location. Maybe you can buy some vintage sissy wear? I'm sure that Dani has collected enough stuff that could fit you!

      I'm up on history as well, and barely read fiction unless it's online and umm, about transformations in general. Used to LOVE the History Channel back when it did real history! My Kindle has mostly non-fiction on it.

  2. I replied to your reply in the last post re some viewing habits. I well check out Rick and Morty on Youtube.
    Love the caption weird and fun. Maybe you should do some movie/series pitches.