It was a dark and stormy night. Or was it? I cannot recall it honestly.

Anyway, a voice said to me, "Dee? Sweetie Pie? Shouldn't you enslave the men of this world into the divine pleasures of femininity?"

That was awhile ago, and sure enough, it began to happen .. on Rachel's Haven. Then I started up this crappy blog in 2010. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Well, You'll Never Have to Mow the Lawn Again!

Well, if perverted lawn ornaments weren't allowed, I definitely couldn't have a pool either!

SO there goes living in THAT neighborhood from the last caption!

Well I finally made a caption that wasn't another young girl .. so I don't feel like a dirty old man. All it took was a look at this picture and remembering Feargas' preferences. I also have a friend going through this same situation, though I don't have any tea leaves left for him. Believe it or not, it's over a clothesline that isn't even permanent. He has a post hole dug with a metal slot, and he pulls out the line once as week when the family does clothes. No clothes lines allowed, though he thinks he is all set because he says it isn't permanent; it's only up for a few hours a week. Of course, only ONE person is doing all the complaining. The HOA is doing "Research" on it right now LOL

So anyway, I had that one my mind when I saw this picture and Lisa said in her preferences that recently she's gotten into mannequin and statue transformations. It wasn't hard to put 2 and 2 together and make this work. I had thought about a few Photoshop tricks to make her look more like a statue, but I think that a "moment in time" shot made it more ominous, that time was counting down quickly until she would be frozen. In that way, I hoped to create a bit more anxiety in the caption than if she was already in the statue state.

Of course being trapped inside is also a scary thought, and I think that if I had a lot of extra space .. Lisa said in her reply back about this caption, "My new body's so big, it's taking up all the room for your poor text!" .. that part of the spell might be that every other night she gets to move a total of a centimeter or something like that. "Mommy, I swear that it's moving!" "Stop staring at the nude art Timmy before I put you to bed before supper!" Maybe she can even feel everything too, so if Timmy's dad came out to the yard and fondled the Lisa, perhaps she'd get turned on and have an orgasm? Would she end up tipping over? That would be great if she landed on the pervert daddy and he got trapped overnight!

No one wants to take me up on an offer I made on Friday? "Anyone out there want to be in a caption that changes you from a hulked up type large man to a small woman without much strength? Leave your male and female name in the comments and you've gotten yourself a caption!" 

It's been a few days and no one posted in the comments .. maybe you SHOULD look at all the posts, even those marked "sissy". Can't see anyone wanting to pass up being in a TG caption! It's still open, and feel free to chat up the caption above too! I like to think a few of my recent captions have had new twists and turns when it comes to transforming people .. do you think so?

Damn. That actress looked good already, then after changing 'back' .. even sexier!


  1. Dee, as if the punishment wasn't already cruel enough(though justified) I think that the issues you bring up would be so much worse....trapped inside the frozen stone figure and add being able to feel's so devilishly evil!!!
    On your last note, I didn't submit my name because you've always been so kind to me already with allowing me to guest star in your captions.
    Besides that the real transformation for me would be to become a bulked up large man....I can honestly tell you none of those words have ever applied to me!!!
    Stay twisted sweet Dee

    1. Oh by the way HOA's just suck!!!

    2. That's why I have a blog, so I can ruminate on what I'd do with captions if I had more time, space, etc ... Besides, it is fantasy. As I mentioned the other day about mundane magic if I had the power, if something like this would have happened for real, I'd have given the Lisa a week or so to "think over" the situation.

      Not a problem on the guest caption. I didn't think it fit your preferences. I just know that there HAS to be some people out there that are pretty large/built in real life that would like to be petite in fantasy captions, and no one had stepped up. I mean, it's not a great caption, but if you are a semi-lurker who doesn't trade, I figured the chance to star in a caption might've been alluring enough.

  2. Loved the cap at the Haven, and love it here. Thanks again!

    And if nobody else wants to take you up on your offer, you can cap me again. Russell/Lisa. ;)

    1. It was a semi-generic caption because I didn't make it for anyone specific. If I give it to you, I might tweak it a bit to fit you a little more.

  3. I do have a love hate feeling of statue/mannequin/object transformation. Presses all the buttons but i think the poor sole with in would be driven insane.
    I am in the same boat as Kaaren, being your comment whore I have been captioned before. And of course being such an Alpha hunk how could you possibly change me from Ian into meek little Jayne?

    1. Well, now at least I have a definitive female name for you! Hopefully I can keep that in mind the next time I come up with something dreadfully evil!

  4. Ah, Melissa Joan Hart, once such a role model. Perhaps still?

    1. She seems to have adjusted to the role of average ordinary person who happens to be an actress occasionally. And for someone that started acting at age 12 or so, I think that is the best she could have hoped for too!

      And I've watched the clip like at least three times a day since Sunday. I think I've found myself a new transformation fetish!

    2. Agreed, everything I see her in she is still very much herself, and, like you say, that's no mean feat!

      Nowt wrong wi' a bit o' transformation, I awllus say!

  5. Delicia de de buceta bela,, que tesão, tirei a minha cueca, nuzão aqui, quero chupar inteirinha e socar essa pica que ficou muito duro aqui,muito gostosa, beijos ....