Thursday, July 20, 2017

I Wish I Could ... At This Private School!

Words really do matter when you make wishes, especially when simultaneous wishes ...

... can help keep the future balanced.

Made this for Sammie on the Haven. I have always liked the "simultaneous wishes that sync up" genre of TG captions. It can be so easy to mix up the intents and desires of those yearning for something different, especially when emotions come into play, and they still get what they want in the end. It's just the whims of fate, mate! And everything seems so tidy in the end!

Sad to hear about Chester Bennington's suicide, especially since he was good friends with Chris Cornell, who would've celebrated a birthday today. As of the writing of this blog post, I don't know what any possibly suicide note would say, but it wouldn't shock me if the loss of Cornell a few months ago was the push over the edge for him, though I'd rather not speculate. Addictions can be a bitch, and leaving behind 6 kids is tragic. I can only hope that the cycle doesn't repeat itself.


  1. I guess granting two wishes with one action is so much easier It's a Friday the wish fairy wants to get home early.