Sunday, July 16, 2017

Chillin' in Mrs. Mentia's Pool While She's Away

Thank goddess you didn't eat right before swimming, or you'd get a cramp or something!

The funny thing about magic in general, is that if I had the power to conjure and control magical abilities, I most likely wouldn't use them for big, grand things like manipulating world events, changing people's genders and identities, or making me one of the world's richest people. Not that I wouldn't do any of those things, especially for many of my friends here on the blog, but I would like to think I'd be much more discrete, and just generate money when I needed it to keep my tax liabilities as low as possible.

I think what I would do would be much more low key. Things like changing the numbers with another person in the deli line so I wouldn't have to wait for a pound of Land O Lakes White American Cheese or Cooper Sharp. Perhaps teleport to wherever I need to go if I'm running late, which not only will save me time, but also generate less carbon emissions for a healthier planet.

That would be the mundane sort of magic I would use, to make my life slightly better. If someone was nice to me in a pleasant way at a store, restaurant or just in public, they'd have a 10 percent better probability of having a nice relaxing orgasm sometime before they went to sleep at night OR the ability to stop the gas pump at EXACTLY the right number without going over. Those little things that matter but no one really thinks about.

Then of course, there is all the playful magic I would cause to happen. Like going to a party, and make everyone there say their name and what their kinkiest fetish is to each person introduced. "I am your host Alan, and I love it when my wife pegs me with a strap on!" or "I'm Felicia, and I can hang potted plants on my pierced nipple rings!"

So it makes sense I would have a magical spell left upon my pool while I was out of town. What sort of magical things would you do if you had those sorts of powers? Something big, or little things to make life more interesting once you figured out how powerful you could actually be? How much influence would you push people around you to confirm to your wishes .. would you let them have total free will, or give them subtle pushes toward what you wanted, or just stomp all over their wants and needs for your own selfish benefits? Be honest please and let us know in the comments below!

I'm wondering now if writing up most of the body of this caption and choosing the video ahead of time on Friday during work ended up subconsciously influencing the creation of this caption on Saturday morning. It all ties in really well together, doesn't it? Maybe I'll try this again at some point to see if it's viable, or just some weird sort of confluence of synapses firing off randomly?


  1. Oh my goodness Dee, what if I had real magic powers!!!
    I hate to say it but I would probably wreak harsh vengeance on all the assholes of the world!!!! Not the huge assholes....well not them at first....
    You're sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and some asshole rides up the shoulder of the road and tries to force himself in front of you....I'm thinking perhaps a Boss with a twelve inch cock who makes him take it every day!!!!
    You're enjoying the movie and fifteen minutes into it the guy in front of you tells his date how it ends....I'm thinking perhaps a Boss with a twelve inch cock who makes him take it every day!!!!
    You're relaxing at home....perhaps trying on some of your wife's prettiest things and a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses show up at the door....I'm thinking perhaps a Boss with a twelve inch cock who makes them take it every day!!!!
    You get the idea....
    That's after I've made myself over of course.....I don't want really big ones....who needs the lower back pain but 36C's would suit me just fine!!!
    Watch out when I start on the big stuff in the world!!!!

    1. Oh and by the way I loved the cap and the pic you used was just perfect

    2. Sounds good to me, as long as I'm the Boss! Well, after you change them all to be submissive sexy she-males that are at your beck and call.

      You have such a wonderful imagination as it is, so I'm sure you'd have much more interesting changes and quirks built in to your magical spells. I'd just have to make sure I stay on your good side so I don't end up in the corn fields!

  2. I would like to think I would be reasoned and frugal with my powers but it's most likely
    I would abuse the gift and end up locked in a maximum security prison bunker under 100 feet of concrete to protect all the mere mortals.
    How dare you call me a maniac. Its megalomaniac thank you.

    1. Well, they'd have to find someone as powerful as you to take you down. I figure that you'd just team up with them and enslave everyone!