Friday, July 14, 2017

Sissy on the Subway .. Kaaren rides the rails!

.. and probably a few other things as well!

Yeah, no post yesterday. Almost no post today. No time and no inspiration really. I found this picture I had saved for Kaaren and decided to kick the tires on it a few minutes ago. Well, it's coherent and playful, so I'm happy about that. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles.

I know I'll have something to post on Sunday. I didn't want to post three young girl posts in a row. It happens to be what I have completed and the main goal here is to have a plethora of genres and I would like variety if at all possible. So if it is another teen TG caption, you'll know that I had no time to make anything over the weekend, or it'll be something else and I'll hopefully be back on track.

Anyone out there want to be in a caption that changes you from a hulked up type large man to a small woman without much strength? Leave your male and female name in the comments and you've gotten yourself a caption! I have a few others that are almost finished, but won't be done until I can figure out who they are going to star.


  1. I don't ride the subway very often although when we're in NYC to see a show or something we usually spend the night at a hotel! Riding between the two is usually only one or two stations! But I could probably get dressed as Little Bo Peep and NYC is the only place where no one would even look twice!!!
    Thanks for the cap....I love to be a guest star in your mind! I'll show it to my wife when she gets up...she'll probably get a good laugh about me playing to wouldn't be the first time!!!

    1. Glad you liked it! I knew it was just up your alley!

      If I ever see you in NYC, I'll ask what happened to your sheep!

  2. I do like what you did with the image here and the story is a solid one. Is this actually a cross-dressed guy or a woman who is good at looking younger than she is? The vibe I get from the picture is this is a person deliberately pushing a boundary or two, I just can't fathom which and by whom the boundaries were set. There is an air of resignation too, but this appears to be directed outward, as though it is a boundary that the person in the picture doesn't quite believe still has to be challenged, but there they are, challenging it. Mind you, why am I saying this like it's new information, your caption clearly picks up on and uses all of the above points.

    Did not notice your invitation first read through. That'll teach me to visit late at night, eh? I am such a comment whore, though, I feel I am doing a disservice to keep trying to get captions as others deserve them moreso. However, I do love your captions and so I would love to be a part of this. Let's change it up with different names though:
    Male: James
    Female: Bex (as in, Rebecca)

  3. that would be a fun game to play