Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Purple Haze, All in My Brain! Lately, Things Don't Seem the Same!

Actin' funny, but I don't know why .. Excuse me while I kiss this guy!

What ever it is, that girl .. put a spell on me! WIGGIDY WIGGIDY GUITAR SOLO WHAMMY!

OK, where was I? Oh yeah, making this caption. The photo caught me in a weird way, mainly because of what most people would consider a glitch or a defect .. that purplish hazy whatever it is covering most of her face and some of her hair. Honestly, I'm not sure why it ended up in a batch of naughty photos on the Internet, unless someone was really hard up for any sort of naked girly pictures. Even then, I can only imagine someone that was really into the actual girl in the photo would want this picture saved to their hard drive.

But then again, I am always looking for something special in pictures that I can draw out an use in a caption. I questioned why there was a purple haze there, and then started singing the song. There was the actual hook that I needed to flesh out. It was the end of a magic spell, that had started changing him from the bottom up to the top, finally changing his mind to match everything else.

It's definitely more of a transformation process caption than an actual story, but there are many people that like their captions to be more like this .. so when I can deliver something that approaches that, I try to embrace it as much as I can. Besides, at its core, just about anyone that has a TG fetish can appreciate a couple descriptive paragraphs that moves a gender from male to female on the spectrum. Hell, in that way, purple is the right color as its the furthest to the right on the rainbow.

I just used a generic name, as even though it is detailed, some people might be turned off in receiving a caption with an amateurish image like this one, so while it does what I wanted it to do, it wasn't a presentation piece by any stretch. Hence, it'll be another blog exclusive. As such, please comment since this will only be viewed here in this post.

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  1. How many new gurls were made after Jimi played Monterrey???
    I saw Jimi live....yes I'm that old....he opened for the Monkees....I had never heard of him before and my big brother took me to see the show....of course he dragged me out after Hendrix and I never did get to see the Monkees!!!!
    I love the cap.....just imagining being in a room and the purple haze is suddenly all around.....breath it deep
    And just for the record I always thought that he was saying...
    "Excuse me while I kiss this guy!!!!"

    One quick last story.....while walking down Bleecker St in the Village...an older friend, who has a magnificent cock by the way, said he was walking with some friends, after seeing Procol Harum on their first tour, and they were debating who was the better guitarist....Clapton or Hendrix...
    As the debate wore on they heard a voice behind them say that there was no contest....Clapton was the best....they turned and found Jimi walking behind them!!!
    I was born too late!!!!!