Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Battle of the Bigger Room!

You really need to keep updating your GPS position, or bad (good?) things might happen!

Read the caption first. That way I won't spoil anything for you.

Made this for Olivia Lovely today while I had a bit of spare time. Wanted to make a fun caption, and some of my best have starred Imps, so why not include one as the momentary descent into madness!

Knowing the ending now, I can see why would could not have used a Chaos Fairy or Kokopeli, or even a chupacabra. None of those would have been the magical entity of choice, so do not even think about another vessel of randomness!

And yeah, I stole a bit of the plot from The Brady Bunch, The rest came from my brain. I mean, we all have those special moments in our lives that we will always remember. First dates, first steady girlfriend, first car, loss of virginity, etc ... are all etched into our mental list of achievements.

Well, those lists CAN get mixed up you know. Sometimes those special moments don't go so smoothly, or don't end up happening at all .. it's why I like to blame them on the Imps. I mean, I was supposed to be a millionaire by the time I was 21, and it still hasn't happened so, it is the Imps fault!

And if they mix up those special moments with another person? Then magically everything else has to fall into place to make the next special moment a reality. We all have a timeline set, and the butterfly effect works better backwards, so we can keep on the path we are supposed to going forward, right? Perhaps I'm just getting too metaphysical to try to justify a silly little caption .. though I do like the premise.

DISCUSSION: Was this caption, good, bad, silly, worth reading, meh, or something else? Let me know and I'll ponder your thoughts. I even promise not to sic an Imp on you. I cannot promise to stop the chupacabra though; he is truly an ornery cuss not to be trifled with!

I've been overdosing lately on 70's schlock like Battle of the Network Stars. God, even the bad television shows were compelling to watch. Who DOESN'T want to see Pernell Roberts try to dunk Charlene Tilton or Greg Evigan from BJ and the Bear ride a tandem bike with Judy Landers?


  1. Great choice of image, nice idea. For me, and this is a minor point, I lost the plot toward the end, not sure why things changed the way they... hold on... no, it just, literally, came to me the moment I was typing. IN which case, ignore that minor point, got it!

    And this is one of those lovely captions that pushes my buttons what with the swapping of identities and experiences and such!

    1. Glad you got it .. and that you were still going to post when you didn't get it.

  2. I well put it into the silly/fun category.
    There is nothing in physics that would stop time running backwards. not sure we would know though. Not sure that it is Ladies love to tell us about how painful childbirth is. Imagine having juniour shoved back in there?
    So it's the imps giving away all my hopes and dreams is it, just wait till I get a hold of them.

    1. According to Einstein, you cannot go backwards in time, only forwards, and uses some sort of pool table analogy. Look it up if you must! LOL

      And yes, Imps are to blame for everything, including the popularity of Nickelback AND Creed.