Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sissy Kaaren's Visit from Old Saint Nick!

Sissy Kaaren was naughty AND nice! Who's got time for sugar plums when you've got anal beads?

Saw that Sissy Kaaren had posted a comment today and I had a picture saved up that I thought would work well for her and I just decided to whip it up right now and post it. I think this would qualify as one of the naughty Christmas captions I made, and I think you'll agree. I definitely don't think it is the slightest bit subtle in its storyline. Don't you love that her pig tails are like handlebars? That way you can ride her like you were Evel Kievel. (Hey Kaaren! I give you permission to post this caption directly to your blog if you wish. Hell, I give you permission to post any of the captions I've made for you to your blog since I did make them for you!)

I hope that the holiday season isn't getting you down. It can be hard to get through, and since this is my GF's first Christmas without her mother, it's my job to keep her smiling when I can, and support her when she's a bit sad. Reach out to your friends, and reach out to your family if you can. You are definitely not alone. However you feel, it is valid. My dream for you all today is peace and comfort.

This is such a fun song. Looks like Bob Dylan is having a blast here!


  1. Isn't that what pigtails are for?
    Thanks so much Dee!!! I'll show this one to my wife a little late when she gets up, I'm sure she'll get a kick out of it too!!!
    Looks like Santa is bringing me what I want and I hope he brings you whatever your heart desires!!!
    Merry Christmas