Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bring Me Lots of Figgy Pudding!

Hope you have a calorie filled holiday season with lots of fun on the menu!

Made this a few hours ago for jwpar, and figured it would be a decent way to start out the Christmas week captions. Just think about all the old fashioned food, drink and activities that are littered through our traditional Christmas carols. Nobody really eats pigeon anymore, nor pheasant or wild boar. The Longest Night party I went to the other day had duck skewers which you don't see often either. Surely the days of Yorkshire pie are gone!

Well, that gave me the idea for a Christmas caption, no doubt spurred on by the wonderful picture .. a model you'll be seeing again in a day or two I used in a caption for feargas. jwpar likes BBW women gaining weight and pregnancy, so why not wrap them both up together? Works for me!

Eating as a way to change sex is certainly an interesting way to go. I mean, everyone eats and you pretty much have to eat to keep sustenance. He COULD not eat what was prepared, but that would be wasteful, wouldn't it, and it could still be nutritious! And once you gain some weight, and boobs, it can be hard to lose them, and the body is going to want to stay the same to achieve stasis. Soon enough, you've set yourself up into a culinary trap.

Keep swinging the blog and commenting  .. and I'll keep posting. I've got some extra pictures left that I saved of sexy holiday babes .. perhaps I'll have time to drop you into one of them!


  1. Ahhhh, the flavors of the holiday!!! Coming from a Scots/Irish background I enjoy lots of traditional foods around this time of year....a particular fave is Scottish steak pie....Google it....it's wonderful!!!
    There are some other flavors I love at the holiday....but you probably can imagine what I mean already!!!
    Merry Christmas Dee!!!

    1. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention the Haggis....you have to have the Haggis!!!!

  2. You can not beat a large pair of Norfolk dumplings.