Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Another caption "fresh from the oven" even though I made it a week ago!

Made this for Feargas as "I noticed a lack of 'must have' Christmas gifts this year and thought about something a bit different." In years past, it was a big screen TV or a Blu Ray player, or a Wii system .. the only thing close this year was those Hatchimals .. and there were barely enough of them made to even have people fuss over them so why fight over the very few that were out there?

So, I wrote a caption up making that very case, and how it would be nice to have a gift that was something a bit more .. a bit more WHAT I didn't particularly say, but possibly implied.

Then again, I was snarky as well. Not everyone really wants a bundle of joy to take care of, even though it IS a gift that keeps on giving .. and taking too! That's where the last line came in. As per what I wrote originally in the post, "The last line is more sarcastic on your part than serious. I just thought it wrapped up the caption nicely. "

Writing this up quickly as I only have a few minutes. I ended up going out with some friends to a Mexican restaurant and had a blast. I'll be back again tomorrow onward through Christmas with some more captions, including one on Christmas Eve that could be considered a sequel to a Mark Wahlberg movie .. inquiring minds want to know, right?

Since I made an extra Christmas Caption, where should I post the bonus one I had from before? Tomorrow night for Christmas Eve along with the regularly scheduled caption? An extra one for Christmas Day on Saturday night? Maybe Sunday evening as a bonus Christmas Day caption? Let me know what you should do with it, as of right now, tomorrow night is silly and sexy, Saturday night is relatively heartwarming, and the bonus one is sexy and naughty. The last two have me in them as co-stars. Perhaps I will switch them if I think about it, but I'll like you to suggest alternatives as to when I should post them.  What ever shall I do?


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dee.


  2. Some gifts grow on you or in this case grow up.
    that is the trouble with Christmas everything happens at once and there is to much to cram in.
    Maybe you can ask Santa (or google) to send the caption out so everyone can open your little stocking filler Christmas morning.