Monday, May 9, 2016

Three Generations of Raven's .. Together Again!

Sometimes, all it takes is a mishap to reshape your life, and future generations too!

Made this one for Annabelle Raven. I found the picture, and thought it would make a good "her" type of caption and had a decent story to wrap around it. Irony is, she had already made a caption with the same picture! Great minds think alike apparently!

I thought it would make for an interesting caption if only two of the protagonists were really enjoying themselves as women, which I thought was a nice twist on Annabelle's caption archetype. Usually, they all get in the groove right away, or perhaps one had doubts, but it ends up being an easy transition for the different generations. The youngest in the picture seems to have that apprehensive look on her face which was perfect for what I was trying to convey.

I just hope it doesn't seem like Mitch's "mom" is evil in making him be Molly. While there is some revenge there, more so in stealing is ex-wife's boyfriend, I like to think that he is being sincere that there is a better life for all of them as females. And with the hormones coursing through here, it is so cute that she's got a crush already! I bet that any issues with *that* between her legs could be taken care of with the rest of the accident settlement. All for the betterment of the Raven family.


I will more fully discuss this another time, but sometime in the near future, I am probably going to be only available in fits and starts. I am not sure of all the plans at this time, so when it begins and how long it lasts are all very variable at this point in time, but it does beg a question I figured I would ask now, and see what I get for replies.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: How often do you check in here? Is it every time there is a new posting? Do you pop in once or twice a week and look at the posts you haven't seen before? Do you usually read my blog the same time at a certain hour, or day, or time of teh week? What would be the best way to have this blog still move forward, and stay connected to this community, but with a bit less commitment time wise from me until my possible schedule clears up. I hope to get plenty of comments on this as I'll take what you say and try to figure out my plans based around the feedback from you, my faithful readers and contributors.


  1. i have you in my blog list so check it out when i see new post. of course you can schedule posts but that depends if you have time to to make them in advance. you could post some older captions or maybe unseen Haven captions. maybe a where is Dee today hunt you could ask other blogs to post your logo on a set date and the one who finds the most comments here when and where found and wins a caption when you are back.

  2. I subscribe, so I see your posts in a list and come through when you pop up. Sometimes I also fall behind if I don't log in in a few days. I don't always go all the way back so sometimes I miss a few posts like that.

    That real world always is more important than this one. Post occasionally when you've got the time, and we will still be here for you when you get back into the swing of things