Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Hooters Expose! But Who Is Getting Exposed?

We've been trying to bring them down from the inside for years!

Well, I owed KarenSue a caption or two and recently saw a bunch of Hooter's girls photos go down the pike, so I reached in and grabbed one I thought would work for the idea I had in mind.

It started with a Wally type idea from Dilbert .. get an easy assignment to eat lots of chicken wings and look at women in skimpy outfits, and get management to pay for it. Who wouldn't want to do that AND get paid to do it? In this caption, I am actually picturing Alice being the "boss" here.

From there, it was appealing to foolish male vanity that they could break a story and seal their fate. Once they started, they were pretty trapped, and trapped being pretty! As a final entrapment, I'm guessing that if you were changed by magic, than any cosmetic things like surgeries and tattoos would probably be permanent if you were trying to change back to the way you used to be. That means that poor Reggie is going to have boob implants if he ever changes back, never mind that they'll both look like Asian females. Either way, I can't imagine that Alice would have/use the magic to turn them back into their former selves.

Hope everyone out there had a great Mother's Day. My daughter wished me one and it made my weekend. "Happy Mother's Day to you because you were pretty much my mom AND my dad because you knocked up a crazy woman!" She knows how to get sentimental and mushy, eh?

This is so wrong, that it comes around to being right again! Had trouble posting the original Danzig.

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  1. love this caption. tricked and slowly getting dug in further.