Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dinner Date .. Mmm Salty! Plus DIY Challenge Results!

For the seafood lover in you! Make sure the waitress doesn't give you crabs!

Made this one for Wakkawakka a LONG time ago, as in June of 2008, so this caption would be in second grade this year. It was a designed to be a quickie, and I think it took me maybe 8 minutes to create. That was back when I was really cranking them out. I take a bit more time now and give them that "Dee" style most have come to know as my work.

And now, onto the DIY Challenge results for April. All were very well done, but we knew that would happen, especially with it being an all long time contributor list of submissions.

This time we will start with Ian, who has apparently been watching too much of Rupert Murdoch's television networks, which inspired this month's work. Or maybe Oprah's network. One or the other!

Then we have a two parter from Helena, who apparently had more from this set! How many pictures do you have from the set Helena? I'd love to see them all. Anywho, Helena weaves a wicked tale of hypnosis and power struggles between a man, his wife, and her sister. I think it might be one of Helena's best captions ever.

Dawn stands up for all the sissies out there with this tale of someone finding acceptance for himself through audio subliminals and diabolical screen savers. That could be why I always rip my own tunes and have disabled the timer on my computer screen, but maybe I've just been watching too much of Rupert Murdock's network! It really frosts my hair what those feminists are doing to our world!

And then there is Brittany, who goes above and beyond in helping a family member acquire a new sissy for him to play with. I am getting the feeling that many TG people have this weird idea that Beauty Salons are these dens of witches and evil women that are bent on taking their masculinity away. I am sure that that is the farthest thing from the truth. They are mostly out to make money, and since younger women don't visit a salon nearly as often as older women, they just need to create some new clientèle, so I like to think of them as extreme capitalists looking to succeed as best they now how, and that is by making the world, and all of those in it, a prettier place. What a noble goal!

What can I say, other than what a great group of captions this month, and it all came from just that one picture. Thank you to everyone that submitted. I'm so glad you took the time to create these TG masterpieces. Now let's get some comments here to tell everyone how awesome they did!


  1. Don't be complacent, where does Rupert Murdoch get get his hair cut? At a saloon. A coincidence?

  2. All great cap.
    Thanks for the compliment about mine, I know I don't always see if my own work is any good or not, so feedback is always welcome. Of course if it is positive feedback, so much the better. To be honest, I didn't think it would be received this good. In my honest opinion I thought it would be average at best. Then again, I did have a few caps I thought were great, but where even the recipient made a comment that can be best described as polite.

    I only had this one picture from the set, and only came across it a few days before your DIY. So when you came along with the other picture, and said that more panels with similar pictures were allowed, I thought: "Why not?"