Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The More Things Change .. the More They Stay the Same!

Especially at a place like Rachel's Haven where everyone knows your name!

Made this one for a long-time captioner, Jen DerBender, who had been gone from the Haven for a bit over 8 years and just recently came back and started captioning again. When I say that we keep the light on for everyone to come back, we mean it! I used to follow all her TG Caption groups on Yahoo way before I started doing this myself, so I consider her a pioneer, and to my gratitude, she became friendly with me on the Haven before she left .. due to personal real-life reasons as often happens.

Another thing that was cool was since she left, I had become an admin at the Haven, got this blog up over 1k posts and almost 7 million views, and have almost become a respectable member of the TG community .. so I feel like I can finally say I am a peer of hers without sounding like a braggart.

As per what I wrote in her now active again trading folder:
Well, wanted to welcome you back with a caption where we could reminisce about the way things used to be, but also toast the changes the Haven has been through these just about 10 years on the interwebz. It does seem like a vibrant social gathering area, doesn't it?
It is true that many things have changed there, as there are less bunnies and bimbos (Justsluts League) there but way more pixies .. but the heart and soul of the Haven is still there, which is the camaraderie many of us share. The fact that you can disappear and return many years later to lots of "welcome back!" and "missed you Jen!" states it far better than I could here.

Just as a reference point for everyone, this was the first caption I made for Jen DerBender, back in July of 2008. I think I had been captioning for about 4 months at that point. Definitely has a primitive style to it, and was one of the first where I tried to have a design element, if you notice, each color change makes her a bit more girly, to the point where when her dialog is blue and fully female. This also corresponds to the different layers of her dance skirt where blue is the closest to her panties, aka where she is now fully a girl as well.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: These two captions, eight years apart, show quite a bit of evolution, don't you think?  What do you think has changed the most? What do you think has mostly stayed the same? Feel free to discuss!

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  1. Great caps,
    Indeed there has changed a lot over the years at the Haven, even in the time since I am around. Always a lot of new people, a lot of people left and some came back, some even more than once, and still it is business as usual.

    There is indeed evolution over the years, mostly in visual style, but there is till the same witt in writing. More brevity though you need less words to tell the story.