Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Exchange Rate for a Wishing Fountain!

Perhaps she forgot to carry the two? A wishing post ONE day too late! Oh well!

Well, I had this picture for quite some time saved in a caption setting for Nadine, but she's been away with real life issues since May. I came across it today and figured now would be a time to finish it, with the hope that she'd see it soon and hopefully let us know if she is ok.

Nadine loves boots and the model is definitely wearing those boots really well, don't you think? I knew it would be a wishing well caption, but wasn't sure at the time how it would play itself out. Knowing that she was in a European country (I'm pretty sure!) I thought about what would happen if she threw in more money than was needed. Did she get bonus wishes? I loved the idea of "the exchange rate" in how the term could relate to the transformational aspects we hold dear in captions.

She surely wouldn't wish to be like that though, would she? Well, I've done time delayed wishes before, most notably in a Disney princess one I called, "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" which you can view HERE!  I had an actual reason then but .. Since we are dealing with monetary issues, that would mean banks and government are involved .. certainly SEEMS like trouble in getting a wish made in a timely fashion! Mussolini would make the wishes run on time! LOL

Soooo, on to the more tacky and tasteless caption I had mentioned in a previous post. Seems like this might be a good time to upload and let people see for themselves.

I didn't change any of the photo at all, I swear! I found it two days before Halloween and it just got the best of me, and I had to do something with it! There is just so much to learn about being a girl, and they can't tell you everything, right? And some of it is urban legend at this point. What I like the most about it is the last line, which is what makes it funny to me .. I had also just watched Sharknado!

We shall have a November DIY Challenge within a few days, probably on Saturday. I am not sure if there will be an actual picture for you to use or not, but it will have to contain a certain phrase. More details to follow when it is actually posted!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was the next wish that was going to affect Nadine? What wishes would you hope came your way in this Wishing Fountain? What do you think would happen to the person that got YOUR wishes?


  1. really like both photos. captions great as usual

  2. i would think that most people wish for the same things, wealth or a lover maybe a cure , health or long life. but i think i well go with the next wish being a lady wishing for a lot of children.

  3. Cardinal sin alert! My actual response to the second caption is: LOL.

    And yes, those boots... yes...