Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes ..

.. While your head screams, "WHAT?!?"

Made a caption for Sarine this afternoon. Found the photo whilst web browsing and the story came to me almost immediately. The actual room and her outfit screams, "PRINCESS BEDROOM!!" as any parent of a daughter from the past 20 years will no doubt agree. I knew I could work that into something, so I snagged it and put it into a setting. How would a guy be turned into a princess ... TINKERBELL of course! DUH! Cinderella's wishing well in Fantasyland seemed like a good place to seal his fate and its from there I came up with the title.

I think the topic of the plot is fun and to be honest, the wishes are probably on par with some of the population. There are little boys that wish they could play dress-up with girls and yet shoot arrows like Merida from Brave. "I swear Dad .. its a KILT!" There are girls that HATE putting on tights and dresses to go to church or "look pretty" and wish to roll around in the mud and ride their bikes past curfew. Sometimes they outgrow those phases ... other times they stick.

I tried to make a "DOH!" type caption that was still sweet and loving with a happy ending. It almost makes you forget that Sara is topless in the caption! OH MY!


  1. You know, after all these years I'm surprised you or someone close to you hasn't created a Dee's Fractured Fair-tale universe. This would be a great beginning. A back-logged wishing well? What about people wishing for prince charming and getting nothing? So many possibilities.

  2. A good fun caption, hey maybe I well get Kate Bush into bed soon must be my turn,,,
    oh a young teen dream.

  3. Oh man... a 20 year back log? I'm not sure if I still want to get Demi Moore into bed, but would still love a 1993 Lamborghini Diablo!

  4. My number should be coming up soon.