Friday, November 13, 2015

Goddess Bless Paris, France and Her People

Obviously no caption for tonight. Not sure what to say. I hope all my readers from France are safe and sound. I hate that these people went to cause chaos at what should be a refuge from conflict, strife, and the worries of the world .. a music venue. Music should be a way to escape. The fact that among the places where they plotted terror attacks was a place where people of different backgrounds can come together as one voice and live in the moment for a few hours.

Don't give in. Don't give up without a fight. Do what you always do. Do it loud and proud.

Live your life the way you always have, without undo fear. Be vigilant, but be who you wish to be!

Don't give up your civil liberties for the 'comfort' of safety. Don't let them win.

This was the band that was playing at the venue where the hostage situation was and where most of the casualties (112 so far) occurred. In honor of those who died, crank this shit up!

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  1. Its all such a waste. And so hard to comprehend. But you are right this should strengthen beliefs in the good not leave it shattered.