Monday, November 30, 2015

Calvin's Alter Ego 'Wo'manifests Itself ... A Descent into Evil!

If you SMELL what the Caitlyn is cooking!

Wanted to have something new for the blog tonight, and I hadn't really made anything over the weekend other than the last post .. so I went to an old tumblr I hadn't visited in quite some time looking for inspiration. The poster had named this, "Who is your Alter Ego?" and I saw it and said, "well, obviously that is Caitlyn!" and she looks so deliciously evil like an elegant Batman villain.

So I snagged the photo and undid some of the filters (I hate smoke filters) and was left with this wonderful picture. I picked out a suitable "Calvin" font and went to town. It isn't quire obvious because I ran out of space, but I envisioned some sort of Jeckyll & Hyde thing .. the perfume would create the change into Caitlyn, who would commit a crime, most likely seducing whomever to get the jewelry and cash .. and since she had created it, would not suffer the 'identity death' that those who smelled it would face. It would change those people into their alter ego not known to the real world, but under the control of Caitlyn .. and fan out across the country to pilfer and divide their plunder with her.

Yeah, so it is quite the Dee-vious plot, but who says evil can't triumph now and again? If only Calvin had let her out in less harmful ways, this never would've happened! Right Calvin?

I probably cribbed a bit of the idea from Plan 9 from Outer Space by Ed Wood Jr., but since he loved dressing up in women's clothing, and especially angora sweaters, I'm sure he wouldn't mind in the slightest! And who wouldn't love to have an army of disciples that would do her bidding? Dammit, I keep raising my hand, but I only count for one person .. until I can get my own army of disciples!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Is there any way to stop the madness that is Calvin's Alter Ego, Caitlyn? Do we WANT to stop it? What do you think happens when she arrives at your penthouse, looking to steal your heart and your wealth, all in one fell swoop? Does it feel more like a Dee caption or a Calvin caption, or a smattering of both?


  1. beautiful and really stylish. Love it.

  2. Very dark. i think its more of a Dee caption but I've only read Caityn's later stuff. the only defense i can think of is one of those deodorize sprays you use on pets and smokers to neutralise nasty smells in the house. or i do not think zombies a big on veggies so might wear the carrot suit.

  3. Whoa! How did I miss this! Awesome caption Dee! Stunning picture selection!

    I think some people may get a way to stop the Alter Ego... but those wishing to join the other deciples would make sure that cure never sees the light of day! I think this feels like a combination of both our styles. It's less 'in the moment' than your normal captions, but still a shorter version that I'd normally spill out. Style wise, I think it fits firmly in your wheelhouse with just a bit of 'Catilyn' flair.

    Thank you!