Saturday, November 28, 2015

I Like My Coffee Like I Used to be as a Man ..

Tall, dark, and, well you probably know the rest.

Well, I wasn't sure who to make it for, because I don't really know that many black guys that are into TG captions, and wouldn't want to necessarily out any of them, so I made this a blog exclusive.

I tend to play with stereotypes now and again, and why not work with one that has been rearing its head in the last few years, the privileged white girl. You can seem meme's on Facebook and other places, and I figured, why not use that in a caption? Seems like something to play around with.

And yes, I'm sure it is all a backlash towards whichever rail of feminism the current group is up to, but I'm just having fun and no harm done. Besides, white people are so lame!

Anyway, this was a cute little quickie, and since I had the idea for it first, I had to hunt down a photo, which took me about 20 minutes of Google Fu to really find something halfway decent. This picture is a little blurry, but it involved a counter, so I could keep it simple, without any dialog which would take up more space in the caption setting. You can also see a bit of the face, as most of the pictures I pulled up with shoot entirely from behind, which I do find reasonable.

I think one of the things we can take away from this is, I know a lot of these women. Run into them constantly, and at work, I deal with them from time to time. Definitely harmless unless they try to pull the privilege card on your ass. Luckily you can reason with them, and keep them distracted too!

Honestly, I wouldn't mind this caption happening to me, even though I don't drink coffee and hate Uggs. I'd also have to learn how to be an iPhone addict. So it might be a bit of a punishment, but I'm sure I could get over it so I would eventually become a "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom"!

Damn! Couldn't seem to find the original video to post here. You'll have to deal with the lyrical one!

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  1. Well if you are stuck you might as well walk the walk and talk the talk.