Friday, September 4, 2015

Spicing Up a Marriage .. International Style!

Who knew that magic was like a power bar in a martial arts video game?!?

Made this for Ron aka RMP42661 on the Haven. I saw this picture and was struck by the fact that a blond was eating sushi in a Russian restaurant .. talk about a worldly woman!

I had gotten an idea about having to use excess magic or things could go wrong (think water overflowing a bucket), thinking that I didn't really recall that ever being a plot point in a TG story or caption. If I did, I wish I could recall it so I could link to it for your reading pleasure. Feel free to hit me up with a link in the comments if you can remember one!

As I wrote in the original post:
For those wondering, I looked at her pent up magic as if it was those old school Wheel of Fortune episodes where you had to spend the money you won in a round and put the rest on a gift certificate. So appearing in Russia was a certain amount of magic points, same with changing Ron into a female, etc ...
So yeah, I used a game show as inspiration in a caption. We get our muse anywhere we can, right?

Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend in the US, and that if you aren't in the US, have a great regular weekend! Perhaps I will post a quickie pregnancy caption over LABOR day weekend?

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  1. Sounds like the dessert is going to be all Dee