Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Leeanne and Kaaren Want Fully Inflated Ballsl! .. and DIY Challenge Results!

When you line up with hands between the center's legs, this WASN'T what the rules say, Kaaren!

Made this one for two of my favorite sissies, Leeanne and Kaaren. Then again, how many other sissies do I have here? Speak up in the comments (and list male and female nom de plume) and perhaps I'll put you into a sissy caption too! I don't mind spreading the fun around!

Sissies can be quite charming and deceitful if left to their own devices, which is why Mistresses often lock them up in some other devices! But like any good lawyer, they can always find a loophole, or at least some other sort of hole to play with! Of course, mistresses and cheerleader wives are even smarter! I'm sure Leeanne now knows why they bought a special attachment to their riding lawnmower! Wait'll she hits the clutch and shifts into overdrive!

Anyway, we had FIVE people turn in captions based on the DIY Challenge photo. Here are the results in no particular order, other than the way I named them on my hard drive.

The first one is done by Maxine, who has become a regular of these challenges! I'm so happy about that as she is relative newbie to the Haven that does good work and participates in other people's comment sections as well.

Next up is Ian, who submitted through the "Latest DIY" link below the main banner. As usual, it's small font time for Ian, but I didn't have to shrink it TOO much this time! Getting there Ian! Hopefully Chrissi will learn within a few years to take her Mom seriously!

Then there is Helena's, who went the short route. I don't think that was a bad choice either since the picture was pretty good at conveying a bunch of information, however you chose to use it.

Then we get Dawn (Commentator) who used those props to get us all into outer space! I am glad that Dawn decided not to put Shatnerian pauses between words or it would've taken another few panels to read the entire story! It was bad enough I read it in his voice anyway!

And lastly, mostly because I didn't see it at the top of the directory, is from Brittany. She brings up a good point, in that with all these inventions that keep turning guys into girls, why isn't anyone getting patents and appearing on Shark Tank? I cannot wait to see the competing "As Seen On TV" products and the claims the infomercials will make!

Wonderful job everyone! I was so glad that people were able to write varied enough stories that it didn't seem like 5 variations of the same story. Sometimes when we get a picture like this, you can end up a slave to it. Bes sure to comment and let these creators know what you think about their work!

Yeah, I think people would have known the song I was going to place here, but I wanted to use a special version, done by one of my childhood favorites. It was on the last Fallon Late Night show.


  1. Thanks so much Dee!!!! Starring in one of tour brilliant caps is more than I could wish for....makes me all tingly!!!! And the thought of getting some quality alone time with the beautiful Leeanne leaves me quite breathless!!!!
    So that's where you've left me....tingly and breathless and I love it!!!!

    1. So glad I was able to help take care of that and leave you with something that resembles malaria!

      If it lingers for more than 4 hours, get to a doctor sweetie!

  2. Where there is a will, there is a way Kaaren. And you always seem to find a way for the two of us to take care of each other. Mmmmm. Love this! Thanks Dee!

    1. Well, I had been posting more "nice" photos and wanted to put in a "nasty" one, which meant, "let's make a caption for the sissy contingency!" I knew the college football season was starting soon so I wanted to work that into it as well, since you'd mention watching games with the guy(s) who are/were cuckolding your cheerleader. I also wanted to make a caption where you two were "getting one over" on the mistress wives, when they counted on you doing just that! Looks like I got everything I wanted .. and you two did as well! Everything works out this time in Sissyland!

  3. Love your caption, a great out think.
    A wonderful bunch of D I Y s to always good to see the different takes on the same photo. of course any j t Kirk
    caption is,,,going to,,,win,,,,,,,,my vote.
    I was sure you would not need the Ian font so did not do a word count, i had a caption written out but then thought of the disappointed tag just as i was going to write and could not contain myself.