Saturday, September 5, 2015

Another Saturday Night at Home! Plus a Bonus Caption!

We are all about value on this Labor Day Weekend! What could be better than that? C'mon in!

Already been a bit busy this weekend, and have 2 more cookouts and gatherings to go. Most of my friends are going to either be around, or are traveling to visit friends and relatives in other areas so it just feels like a great weekend for companionship and festivities. I hope everyone else is enjoying some good times with good people as well. I hope no one has to sleep alone tonight!

On that note, I made this "quickie" in the midst of a burst of creative energy. With all that happened today, the GF is recovering from being sick, and I think all our activities today wore her out so she went to bed fairly early. After tucking her in, I figured I would just sit around and see what came out of my Dee-mented brain. Got an evil one or two, and a couple nice ones as well, since I was feeling good about humanity in general.

This one fits fairly well with what I am doing, well except for the pizza delivery guy! I just got my bass guitar back from reseting the action lower, truss rod adjustment, among other things. I also made a veggie pizza instead of ordering out, and I've got a nice vintage ginger ale to wash it all down!

And as a bonus, here is the "Labor Day" pregnancy quickie I said I would post yesterday. Definitely not a caption that would be a lead, but it works as a cute little diversion. Since there are many picnics this weekend, remember what the shirt says, "Don't Eat Watermelon Seeds!"

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So what is your favorite Saturday Night thing? If you could be doing anything on a Saturday Night, what would that be? What is your favorite thing to do on a long weekend?

And after "Saturday Night" and "Me and My Wine" from Def Leppard's great album, why not make it a triple shot? Comment down below so you won't be "Bringin' on the Heartbreak"!!!


  1. I enjoyed both captions, and found the watermelon seed one to be pretty funny! Enjoy your weekend Dee!

  2. And if a girl, will Tara name her "Melony"?
    Love the pg-TG, Dee! Great interpretation of the "hazards" of GMO's!

    And I can't blame you one bit! With that body, I'd sure be ready for having my pie eaten too!!!


    1. Glad you dropped in! Haven't seen you in awhile! I will try to drop in on your blog something this week!

  3. Two fun captions. the first sounds like a fun night in,
    There is a major leader in G M research a mile up the road from me, I did apply for a job there once but my only qualification was growing you know what by hydroponics in my bathroom so didn't get in.
    A great night in would be with my girlfriend, a good movie or two and bottle of wine (or two) did not get it though i was alone (sob)

    1. That would be considered a "classic" date night by most people. The one with the girlfriend, movie and wine. Not the alone one, though sometimes with the daughter when she was acting up and the girlfriend in a mood, some Saturday nights COULD be better spent alone!

  4. Happy Labor day, loved both captions... I remember being told if you swallow the seeds, a watermelon would grow in your belly... loves it..... may I share this caption with others...

    1. You can certainly share. I ask that you give credit to this blog and provide a link back to this site.

      Glad you enjoyed and I hope you have had a Happy Labor Day weekend as well!