Monday, August 31, 2015

What Happens if a BOY watches "The Movie"?!?

You just KNOW you wanted to watch "that" movie in girl's gym class, didn't you? Just come on inside and have more fun than you can imagine. Just don't go swimming or you'll be shark bait!

Made this for Totalditz on the Haven, and as I often do, when I make younger captions, I do it for Ashlee, since she likes being a teenybopper. As per my posting on her trading area folder:
Rifftrax recently posted a 1970's menstruation film that was riffed hilariously by 2 of the women from MST3k .. and it got me thinking. 
Sometimes it is REALLY dangerous when I get to thinking, and this is the result. I love this picture as it seems to be a halfway point between the guy you were and the fully girly female you are becoming as the caption happens.
The menstruation film is called, "Naturally a Girl" and can be viewed below:

My girlfriend remembers this film and she was a teen in the 80's so I guess they have a good shelf life to them, as they seem to make a new one every 15-20 years. They were usually made by the companies that made the feminine hygiene products they wanted the girls to buy. I think the 15-20 years were a bit too long between films, mostly because of how outdated the information was in earlier versions. Check out this one from 1953, which also was done by Rifftrax.

The best one, and by best, I mean funky in a late 70's way, after feminists had gotten hold of the documentary cameras and told girls exactly how it was .. well sorta! This was the film debut of Jonathan Banks of Breaking Bad fame, and he plays Johnny the (incredibly!) much older boyfriend of the character Judy (not Linda!), who is the one finally getting her period.

That is probably the ultimate. I think once the 90's came around, the producers understood that it was a messy situation (pun intented) to make a video for teens that wasn't laughed out of the room in health class. So they made them ironic and fun to watch. Of course, one of my new favorite ones is something that came out just a year or two ago called "First Moon Party".

So yeah. With all these videos around, it wasn't hard to come up with the story for this caption. Hell, it wouldn't surprise me if a number of my fans sort of secretly wished this might have happened to them! As someone with a number of females in the household, trust me, that cycle thing does exist and you want to stay the hell away from it if you value your life and your manhood!


  1. the monstrous cycle ? lol sounds right from both perspectives

  2. Great caption! Interesting cause for the transformation too. I can't say I've encountered that yet

  3. Ooooo :) Maybe the school's tight budget limits resources for the teachers, so a health teacher copied the girls' health video over a dusty old videotape in the AV department's storage room... a videotape that had a copy of the Ringu footage. Now, after it's viewed, several of the boys (and/or a teacher) slowly begin to turn female over the next 7 days.

    1. Whatever gets the boys into panties is fine by me!