Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Jinx Lost Track of Time Again! .. and DIY Challenge Time for September!

.. or perhaps she needed the clock batteries for something else, my little winged friend!

Made this one for Jinny Jezebel, who has one alter ego where she is a pixie / fairy, which can be really cute, playful, and mischievous. I wanted to show that nature of her where she isn't the slightest bit vengeful in her nature. She just wants to have fun when she's in her Fae form.

I thought this picture brought out that nature quite well. I would just MELT if I was confronted with that scene in the photo .. which is kind of how I feel about Jinny too!

For those that didn't quite follow, when the magic kicks in for each character, the text turns to italics. I thought that was the easiest way to present it, instead of using a bunch of different colors or fonts.

I love Jinny's response too, which of course, when you receive positive feedback, makes you want to please them even more!
Such a fun cap! Had to read it over and over, each time I smiled a little more. Love the cap and the photo is perfect. Italicizing the words is a great touch too, it adds that extra element. Thank you so very much Dee.
And lastly, who doesn't love silly names for female anatomy? Giving a character a compulsion like that to sprout off words like that is so fun and embarrassing to see!


Here is the DIY Challenge for September of 2015. I figured that this source photo could work well for just about every sort of TG caption, from sissies all through magical transformations.

All entries must include the sentence, "Good 'til the last drop!" Can't make this TOO easy, can we?

The deadline will be September 30 at midnight PST. If you wish to supply your own caption setting, there will be a picture only posting to the "LATEST DIY" tab below the top banner.


  1. Dairy Pillows!!!!!!!LOL
    Dee that will be in my head all day!!!!!!

  2. A peek at her pixie peaks provided perky protuberances

  3. nice model! Who is she?

    1. Honestly no idea. Just found her somewhere on the Internet and there was no watermark so I wouldn't be able to tell you. Sorry!

    2. too bad .... I think I fell in love ^^