Friday, September 18, 2015

Dee's Research Doesn't Have a Leg to Stand On!

But then again, that IS proving my point, whatever that is!

Thought I had posted this before, but apparently I haven't here on the blog. Made this for Terri, who comments fairly regularly on captions I make, especially the ones I make for Totalditz. Figured I would let her in on some of the teenage girl fun too! Crow is also a fan of TG captions like this, so it was a pleasure to bring her in on the deal as well, since I needed that extra oomph at the end.

Just something about saying what you are doing is for "Research" makes it seem so much more valid, doesn't it? The Ig Nobel awards for 2015 just came out, and many of the studies are dubious at best, but can get you wondering aloud as to how someone devised ways to use government grants to fund thought nuggets you had while you were still smoking pot in college. So with that in mind, why not try to justify feminizing your brother? But Mom?!? I was doing it FOR SCIENCE, ya know?

Of course, I am assuming that there wasn't really a thesis being developed, though Dee seems to be able to repeat her methodology on multiple subjects just fine. I am also going to assume that she might be able to find lots of subjects hanging around here to help further her research!

It's not some dirty little secret that people haven't liked the captions I've posted recently over the last week or so. Point taken! Not like I have a choice in the matter though, as I make what I make, and it isn't like 4 years ago where I had a huge backlog of captions I could sift though. Like New England weather though, I change all the time (we've been over 80 degrees ALL WEEK!) so keep looking around, and you'll find something to keep you occupied, I'm sure!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If, especially when you were younger and less attached to family / wives and kids, etc .. or if you are young and single now .. How motivated would you be to join some "medical research" or "therapies" involving gender identity and role play experiments regardless of how on the up and up they were? I use them as plot devices from time to time, so I am curious as to who and why someone that visits here would, or would not, be part of a study like that. "So Damien, we are conducting an experiment to see if hanging around with Drag Queens for 2 weeks straight will affect your masculinity, hormone levels and sexual identity on the Kinsey scale. There is only 1000 dollars in payment, but you'll get all the spanx and makeup you want when the study is complete!" I might have done that just so I could've done Frank N Furter on stage for Rocky Horror!


  1. Well, I've not been about to say I liked the previous captions. I shall have to rectify that.

    I like this one.

    As to the question, I can confirm that I wouldn't have got involved for those. There were plenty of opportunities (without any payment) to do similar things where I went to University but I was just too scared. Maybe knowing what I now know I would have been able to get involved and enjoy things but, at the time, I was just too good at being repressed and totally boring. Okay, I'm still pretty boring, but at least I would give it a whirl.

  2. I liked it Dee...the only thing missing was that park bench....

    1. As for the question....I would have probably passed on any organized studies...I was doing my own studies at the time in a slightly more private way.....
      On a side note Susan Sarandon in her bra and slip is an image that was on my mind for years!!!
      Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch me, I wanna be dirty!!!!


  3. First, lemme say that I’ve enjoyed many if not all of your recent postings. I know I haven’t been by commenting all that often, but that’s more of a comment on my time management than of me not enjoying your caps and posts. Like Joanne, I’ll try to remedy that… after I catch up on so many other things that have been falling by the wayside like medicine and work!

    For this cap in particular; it really did strike a pleasing chord. I picture being the subject of this undercover research and having every secret doubt and hesitation being put back into the program and being worked on directly… ohh giving me shivers right now!

    On to your discussion question. When I was young and in college, I’m not sure I would have jumped at any such activities or research. I was, in retrospect, working very hard to hide this side of me and oh so worried that someone would find any scrap of evidence and make the jump to “Hey everybody, Calvin is a sissy!”. Now? Well, I’m still hiding those thoughts away from the public that sees me day in and day out. More than that, it would be hard to step out of my daily life to join up with any research project…. Now if it was something I could do after hours and NOT affect my job, then I might consider it. I could justify my love of science and if someone DID make that leap… well hey it would be a jumping off place to let those around me that yes, I do in fact like the idea of gender confusion, transgenderism, and femininity. “Oh no, it’s not the research that changed me… lemme show you this little blog…”

    There’s those shivers again!

  4. To everyone,

    When I said that the captions haven't been as well liked recently, I didn't mean comments really, as just about every metric there is said so. As in page hits, daily reviews, the reaction buttons, etc .. Many times a caption might get 1 comment but get viewed 2000 times, or get a bunch of "loved it!" without a comment either, because it is so straight forward there isn't much discussion needed.

    All of the measurable data pointed to desert like conditions here over the last week, and I haven't had time to make any newer captions so I just acknowledged what I know. Thanks for everyone's support though! I truly appreciate it!