Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Maybe You Should Quit While You Are A HEAD!

As George Takai would say, "OH MY!"

Got the title of this caption that I made for WannaBeStuck from one that was made by Feargas. Immediately, my mind had a pretty good idea what I was going to do for the caption. Had to read Feargas' to make sure that she hadn't gone down the same road I had thought, and luckily, she hadn't.

The only concern, and one I hadn't thought about until I was about 80 percent done with this, was, "Does Cory MIND being an inanimate object?" and if not, fuck it, this will be a blog exclusive!

She doesn't mind manaquin captions though, so I felt confident that she would be fine with this, and hopefully she will have a comment before I post this later tonight so I can give her response.

This was just so much fun to make, and I don't usually do non-human transformations, but it just seemed like something that had to be done. I still made her feel everything, perhaps she'll even blink and such .. making the daughter think she's a magical / imaginary best friend.

I sort of ran out of space, but I'm pretty sure I got the point of the last paragraph or two out to everyone right? If you weren't quite following, a different part of his body became a plastic pink toy for use with the little girl's mother, Dee. He could feel everything from that appendage too.

In a way, I think that if you are going to be trapped, this might be an acceptable situation for many in our TG genre. I mean, you don't get the rest of the female body, but you still get sexual feelings when mom wants to play, plus the endless makeovers from being the child's modeling kit. Something tells be that the genie will take care of Cori too, in that once the little girl outgrows her, she just might end up on the shelf again for another lucky girl and her mother! Perhaps the "Desire Barbie" will come  as an accessory the next time she hits the toy stores!

And speaking of people that had wandered off for a bit as we did in the last post, Jennifer has written a new post on her blog, letting us know what has been going on with her. You can see it HERE. I can only hope that more people from the past come back from time to time and grace us with their presence once again. "Don't waste your time on me, you're already the voice inside my head." Yeah, even though I'm a grown adult, there is that teenage goth girl inside me that misses her old friends.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you think this would appeal more to sissies, magic TG caption fans, or inanimate objects / trapped fans? Figured I would ask. I think it might be something that could cross over between genres, but honestly, I haven't a clue. What do YOU think? And Do you like it?


  1. I liked this one because I like the whole magic transformation genre, although I prefer not to be an inanimate object! I l like the wiggling, squirming, thrusting and licking far too much to be stuck in one place permanently!!!!

    1. I can certainly understand that reasoning. I think that inanimate transformations are for those that REALLY want to be submissive to the point of just being a pleasure object. In that sense, this caption would definitely apply. It isn't my cup of tea either, but it was definitely fun to make!

  2. I think its one for the inanimate/ trapped fans. of course with most genre's the are cross overs and i guess this the alternate in trapped forced fem. i do like this theme although with some horror as i guess it would be a horrid existence. Your caption is a bit friendly than most as he well have some enjoyment to look forward to.

    1. As I mentioned above, I think this is for people that would LOVE to just be an object of lust and desire, and to lose the humanity and just be overwhelmed by baser instincts. I can understand that mentality, since I do read some human to animal transformations too, but probably more for the loss of power than the actual desire to become a beast or pet.

  3. LolxD perfect title, I love this one a lot