Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dee Needs a Better Muse!

Hopefully this will be at least slightly A"muse"ing to readers!

Yeah, I sort of made a caption tonight, but I'm not sure if it quite fits the person I made it for, so I'm going to sleep on it for now. Their preferences are quite scarce so far, and I'm not sure how far off the reservation they would like me to go. I might just re-jigger it for someone else and stick WAY close to what has been written down until I can get a better bead on what they like.

So, I wanted to create, but honestly wasn't feeling it. I decided to just hit a random directory of pictures I have saved for captions and other diversions .. and scroll down a number of seconds, then pick one of the pictures within 10 up or 10 down on the one I stopped on .. then write a caption, no matter how good, bad, or indifferent. I decided on this one, because you would've thought that I'd have used it way before today as it was downloaded in 2011.

For that 2011 feel, I even used an old font.  I ended up going slightly Douglas Adams with it. I mean, when we write such fantastical story lines, what is normal becomes stretched out. I figured that perhaps I could just have that spill out into my "real" world, well at least through my alter ego's real world, as it were. To her, everything is pretty much "old hat" and "been there, done that". Hell, I will occasionally talk in a fake accent for fun as well.

So, which muse do I tend to use the most? Well, if you couldn't tell from above, it's humor! With a measured dose of insanity!


  1. Is it wrong of me that I also thought of Muse with the title?

    And yes, you definitely have a Douglas Adams vibe with that one. I wonder if it's a result of the infinite probability drive... actually, I always thought that was a somewhat wasted opportunity in transformation fanfiction.

    1. I can only assume it was due to it originally being a radio show, that they didn't want to confuse too many people listening. In a way, I liked that Adams never went completely absurdist with his ideas, that there was a reasoning, however off the beam, that ruled the logic underneath.

  2. When writing a caption always have your towel nearby

    1. I am definitely a hoopy frood .. that has a towel and swim togs stashed away in my vehicle!

  3. Mean while in a seedy strip joint across town Dee's muse knocks back another straight.
    Same again Carol.
    Your hitting the juice tonight Kieth. Dee not need you?
    I don't know, maybe. I phoned in a sick day. (Sigh). Do you ever wonder if there is more to life than turning guys in to girls or world domination?
    Sure honey, Once in a while, There is no harm in a little fantasy
    I just feel I've lost my touch. I even sat on the park bench . half an hour and nothing.
    Don't worry Kieth, You are good at what you do I mean with out you would we have Tammi grinding his sorry arse on that pole. Or Petra? look he still touting for cock's to suck in the hope enough cum well change him back to Peter. Just look around see any one?
    (Laugh) I guess Thanks Carol. Hey who is that there? I mean taking your girl friend to a strip bar as a night out.
    Maybe i should go find Dee I've got a plan.
    No they well send somebody out She well be Ok. You got $20 Petra is looking this way. Kick back a little.
    I think i well Yes Dee well be OK . As long as Muse control don't send her Dudley the guys gold fish obsessed!
    See you later stud said Carol as Kieth headed for the door with the ever desperate Petra.
    Oh the life of a muse she smiled to herself.

    1. I am glad that my regular muse gets time off occasionally for "good" behavior. I ride them pretty damn hard. The guardian angels better stay really close though as I'm a pretty busy person!

  4. Hmm, it won't let me reply.

    No, you're right, Adams would never have followed transformation fiction - his universe was satirical and, and I don't often find myself using the word, genius. His works are not the wasted opportunity, no. I was just struck, reading your caption and musing, that I have seen no TG artist using the Infinite Probability Drive as a means to transform people. And, in that moment, I thought it may be a good comedy idea.

    See, sometimes you give your muses days off and then get roped in to being one of your own. Or for other people. Curse English grammar and it's inability to make my thoughts come out good and clear. And my own thoughts for being slanty querulous diaspora normative insignia blue.