Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mark Isn't Your Typical 'Bench'warmer! .. and DIY Challenge Results!

This COULD BE the last park bench caption from Dee for awhile! No pinky swear though!

Made this one for Simone about 2 weeks ago. I had made more park bench captions but truthfully I felt like it had run its course, so I wanted to end it on a fun/meta note. Why not bring other things that have cropped up in the past and give it to someone that has been there through most of the foibles on the Haven, and that would be my great friend Simone, and some of the newer people that she has become close to in the last year or two.

Why it does have a bit of a plot, it is mostly there to give everyone a wink and a nod to anyone that has enjoyed some of my sillier captions. Some of the "park bench" captions were fun, and some were more serious .. but it certainly showed what could be done with a limited photo setting. That was a challenge, but one that I met with great relish. I ended up with some great feedback, so I must have been doing something right. Perhaps it was that I tried to imbue each with a playful nature, and an actual fondness for each of my victims / targets / friends. If it was in my power, I'd invite everyone to Buffalo Wild Wings so I could beat the skirts off you all in Buzztime Trivia!

And now onto the submissions for the DIY Challenge -July 2015 Edition!

We don't usually start with Helena, so this time we will.

Next up is Ian, who left his submission in the tab below the banner up above!

Then its Maxine showing us some captioning skills again for the 2nd time in a row!

And lastly we have Brittany, who was the only one that didn't want the girl eating ice cream of to the right side of the photograph! Way to go for those who integrated the half-a-girl into the story! I am quite pleased with all the captios this month. Wasn't an easy photo to work with and we got some good stories to match up with it!

Everyone needs to know the "ABC's of Kinky Sex!"


  1. What last park bench caption phew, The parks are safe again.
    I did think this was a hard D I Y, so well done every one on the captions, i do enjoy seeing the different takes and having the darn it i wish i thought of that moment.
    i mis read the tag on the video i thought it said Loads of acid. boy was i disappointed :(

  2. Sooo.... going to the park and sit on a bench is a waste of time from now on, maybe.
    Lovely cap, and glad you're not closing thee door on it completely.

    To be honest, I didn't find this DIY picture really hard to cap, except for the fact that writing about bondage is very much out of my comfort zone. The look on the face of the girl, the drawing of the little dick, even the half girl were things for me to reel it in.
    Where writing about bondage is out of my comfort zone, on occasion I can enjoy reading about it, and I did enjoy the other DIY's. I think it tells something about the quality of the writers if they can pull someone into the story to whom bondage is not a kink or a fetish.