Thursday, July 30, 2015

I Wear the Pant(ie)s in this Family!

Summer vacation is about to get interesting!

Made this for Anne Onimouse, and as I said in the original post to her trading folder:
Hadn't made you a caption yet this year, so it was certainly time to whip something up. I was in a good mood after my daughter hung out with me today for a few hours (and saw this website really quickly before I closed it down!) so it inspired me to make this caption. Hope you enjoy!
Yes, by mistake I had the Haven open when my daughter came walking by. Did a quick kill screen and yeah. She probably doesn't care anyway!

I had the picture saved for awhile, but really didn't have much to write with it, but I knew it would work at some point, when I got the idea for this .. I had a few choices, and went with this one, as she seemed the most in thought, and likely to not notice or hear her daughter to come in the room.

In a way, this is probably the antithesis of the caption from the other day, Like Mother, Like Son in that there is a real connection between the dad and daughter, as opposed to the dysfunctional and psychotic relationship that the mother had with her son.  I didn't delve into why the daughter left her mom's two weeks early, but I am pretty sure it was due to them not getting along, and probably her missing her room, her friends, and yes, probably her dad.

This week has been quite interesting, as my captions are about 75 percent good, and 25 percent evil. Not sure why. I wonder if it is the photos I've been viewing that lead to a happier ending? It isn't like I am censoring myself in searches, but I can only let out the stories that the pictures tell me.

Originally I was going to post a video of "Holiday Road" from National Lampoon's Vacation. However, I saw this today and it immediately lightened my mood considerably.

If any of you have been in a band, it can be hard enough to get into a groove with just 4 people and stay there for any length of time. This is ONE THOUSAND people jamming. The way they coordinated it was wonderful, and I hope they do get their concert as it was well deserved!


  1. Sigh....a whole simmer as a beautiful teenaged girl.....sigh.....

    1. LOL simmer...of course I meant summer nut they both kind of fit!!!!

    2. nut....okay it was "but"....I just give up.....

  2. A very nice caption, must be the summer vibe, or are you planning to lull us before you unleash you evil?

  3. Sweet lovely caption.

    The radio station we have on at work played this as well,
    This is very impressive, these musicians don't need to learn how to fly anymore, they have taken off!
    It is my understanding that the Foo Fighters accepted the invitation, so I do hope for them it will happen, and that everybody who was part of this, from musicians and organization, to the technicians and the people who have to take out the trash can be present at that concert. They all deserve it.
    And wow, almost 7.5 million views at this time, and it's not even two days on YouTube.