Sunday, August 2, 2015

Damien Makes A Big Splash!

Yes, I was in quite an evil mood today so drink up that viscous white liquid!

For some reason, I was really in Damien mode today, and I think it shows in this caption. There is an interesting story behind the graphic portion of the photo, and I'll elaborate. Coca Cola has many more brands of beverages other than soft drinks. This was an ad for one called Fairlife Milk, which apparently does not contain lactose. It does contain a good degree of sexism though!

Holy shit! That is pretty suggestive. Those are four ads connected into one of course, but wow! A few of them don't even mention milk at all. I did not change them in anyway, that is how they were put into ads in magazines. Subtlety was not their calling card I think!

So when I saw this picture, I said, "Cum! It does a body good!" and yeah, figured there was at least one caption in here. I thought about Smitty and how he might have used this photo, but I really only wanted to use one panel, so that was out, but I thought that an alpha male caption might be something worth doing. If we are going to turn alphas into women in white, we should go the other way too. Since I'm starting to feel more like the person I was back 3-4 months ago physically, it wasn't too hard to get myself into the role of the one looking for more swagger so to speak. Hence, a down on his luck Damien got to spurt off and create some hot slaves for himself. Taking a big piece of the world can wait until he was done busting his nut over his former tormentors.

As you can tell, the major bit of photoshop work came in getting rid of the scale that the 2nd lady is standing on. Yes, she is actually weighing herself! Eesh! After this caption, you cannot say I'm shy about using pictures with lots of cum shots! Here, it is the fabric that keeps captions together!

Big milestone coming up soon here on the blog. Hoping that this post will be the one to make it happen for real. Should have more details tomorrow.


  1. So they came with cowshit and ended up being able to produce milk at some point. Looking at the load Master Damien shot, I'd say in about nine months.

    Lovely pictures, but I have to say, as adds for milk a complete failure. Even if you want to use sexy women to promote drinking milk, I think they should actually drink it, not wear it. well, at least one of the adds suggest drinking it.

  2. Thats a whole lotta love .