Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tonight on the News at 11 .. and DIY Challenge results!

Tune in to find out the details!

Made this caption as a quickie for Dawn (Commentator) while looking for pictures someone else.and this picture got me thinking about how local news makes bumper/teasers. Now Dawn is a teaser that has her own bumpers! I know that if I was in that seat, I'd want to know right away what was happening too, and who set me up. I'm thinking it was that dastardly segment producer!

Onward to the DIY Challenge results for April. Sorry it took so long but I didn't have much time to make the ones we received until now, since the time I had was spent trying to get my brain back to making captions I wouldn't mind posting, and that took a bit of work to get me going again.

First up was Brittany7 who left this in my trading folder on Rachel's Haven, which is always a good way to get it to me. It's a nice little revenge caption where the geek turned cheerleader gets the last laugh, and what a cute laugh it is!

Next up is Ian's rather wordy caption. It was REALLY hard to get it all there into one caption frame, but it is relatively legible, right? I think I'm going to have to do some work to find a special font for Ian that can be read fairly well at smaller sizes. I hope you do give it an effort because the story itself is fun.

Lastly, we have Helena, who still got something in, even though she didn't put it into the caption setting. Not a big deal though, since I offer to place whatever people write up into it for them, and this time Helena took me up on that. Such a cute caption, and I would probably vote it, "most likely to be written by Dee".

Well, the song is really from Don Henley, but I guess the Eagles play it too when they are on tour!


  1. Love your captions Brittany7 and Helena. Sorry I give you so much work. I am the challenge in the D I Y challenge ! I just can't help myself.
    A fantastic Dee caption to. great fun. and going in my keep folder.

    1. So you save captions if you see one you like? Sounds like a good plan, but i'd think I'd run out of hard drive space if I saved all the captions I liked over the years!

  2. Indeed a fantastic caption, Dee.
    And Brittany's is a lovely revenge cap. I love it when the geek gets the upper hand at the end.
    Sami got herself in a nice mess in Ian's cap, and she seems to get herself deeper into it. Great job.

    Thanks for the compliment, Dee and Ian.
    I haven't done much capping the last two months, partly because I lack the time, and when I do find the time, I lack the inspiration, so I was glad to come up with this. While I usually take my time to write my stories down, and put the captions together, I wrote this one down in one take. I probably would have put it in my own setting, if I didn't want a good night's sleep, before I left for a long weekend away, without internet access.

    1. I know you've been busy, and I certainly didn't mind putting your words into the caption setting. It is why I made it in the first place, to get people making captions.

      I hope you had a good long weekend away from everything. We all need that from time to time to decompress!