Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Free Ride Through College!

This sure beats a Pell Grant!

Started this one a few weeks ago for Karen Sue and then promptly forgot about it! Bad knee and all that stuff. I knew I had some unfinished captions floating around my hard drive and this happened to be the first one I found, so I decided to finish it. Had the college idea right away, since I had named it Karensuecollege.psd but really hadn't fleshed it out other than the line from the admissions counselor so I pulled it up tonight, under the influence of my daughter getting all A's so far in her first semester. I think there might be ONE B somewhere in there, but she thinks she did well on the last paper she turned in and finals are happening next week.Nice to know she ended up with my killer looks AND smarty pants brain too!

Made a few other captions today after I started physical therapy. Have to go 2-3 times a week until I can walk on my leg again without crutches and the brace. I really need to work on my flexability, as I've messed up both knees in the past, so when they healed before, they were out of alignment, which means I kind of have to retrain the muscles to keep things where they SHOULD be, not where they are currently. I think if I could go back in time, I would NOT have played catcher for a few years back in high school.

Hoping to get back into the groove both caption wise and lifestyle wise too! Being able to go back to work has made me much happier and made me feel less anti-social. I've started to visit TG caption sites again and comment. Keep up the good work everyone!


  1. That's the college I should have gone to!!!
    Glad ti hear you're on the mend!!!

    1. I thought up the caption when hearing about all the special treatment that certain athletes get when they visit the campus. Schools like Alabama had sexy girls hit on them, and many times they'd get alumni to bring them to strip clubs and things like that. Wasn't hard to take it to the next level for a TG caption.

  2. Great cap Dee, loved it! I definitely wish I saw the pamphlet on this college when I graduated high school. I am sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it gets better and stays that way.

    xoxoxo Katie Mills