Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm the Girl in the Box! DIY Challenge Results!

You girls are so friggin' creative!

Can't believe I ended up with 4 people that took up this DIY Challenge! I am amazed since it wasn't the easiest photo to deal with, but my readers came through again big time! The plotlines were quite different from each other as well which made it a great contrast in how people come up with ideas for TG captions.  Here are the submissions in no particular order:

This one was done by Helena, and I think she got here caption in early this time!

Then there is Brittany, who needed to stretch it out a bit to get all her text in!

Dawn (Commentator) also embiggened her submission. Glad this picture tickled her fancy!

And here's Ian who submitted through the LATEST DIY section of the blog.

Kudos to everyone that entered, and I'm so glad that I decided to challenge you all as you really stepped it up big time. I haven't composed anything yet for the next one, though I have a few in mind. We'll see how I feel when I'm ready to post another DIY Challenge in March!

By now you've probably read about the changes to Blogger's TOS and how they are going to crack down on explicit blogs. I am not quite sure how I'm going to deal with that, but I'll get back to you. Don't worry too much for now as we've got a month before any major issues will happen. If you have any ideas, leave them in the comments. I'm trying to keep all options open at this point.


  1. The one thing I thought twice about was naming the protagonist John as many people don't know Jack is a nickname for John but I wanted to leave the last line a bit more of a surprise. I thought if I called him Jack back in the second graph people would jump ahead to the obvious conclusion.

    There certainly was a wide range of idea for a very different picture and I think everyone did a bang-up job.

    I see no choice for myself but to move to Temblr but when my current blog goes peivate I can still point folks to it if they want to ask for an invitation to read it.. I had pre-scheduled through the end of February so I am not waiting until the 23rd of March. My new blog is live now and the current one will go private 3/1.

  2. To be honest, I did make my font smaller than I planned, to make it fit. I also edited my original ending, basically deleting the last paragraph and a little rewriting in what is now the last one. I think it came out better this way.

    I agree with you and Dawn. Great job by all of you.

    As for Blogger's announcement, I didn't see it before you pointed it out, so I went to look. I translated a little piece back from Dutch to English:
    *As of March 23, 2015, you can no longer publicly share pictures and videos on Blogger that are sexually explicit or view explicit nudity.
    Note: We are still allowing nudity if the content has sufficient public interest, for example in an artistic, educational or scientific context or a documentary.*
    I'm not sure if this is the exact text you got, but if I read this correctly, for at least part of the bloggers who seem affected there is a loophole.
    If the content isn't too explicit, it seems to me it can be viewed as an art form under the new Blogger rules.
    In my opinion even amongst the more explicit blog content there are those who make art.

    It seems to me Blogger creates a large grey area with this, because who is to say what makes out art, and what is explicit.
    I called you the van Gogh of the capping community once. Van Gogh wasn't recognizes as an artist, until after his death.
    Another artist, Michelangelo was already an established name during his life. Some of his sculptures and paintings can be considered explicit. It would be a hoot if someone at Blogger would say the content of his work has not sufficient public interest. They could shut down someone’s blog who has a picture of “David,” or “the creation of Adam” on it.
    I wonder how the people who make the rules at Blogger would view “Manneken Pis” the little nude urinating guy from Brussels.
    Sorry, I’m rambling on. I hate the prospect of a lot of good blogs either quit, or get locked away, only to be viewed during visiting hours.

    For the record, I realize Blogger has the right to do this, so for a suggestion maybe this helps, not to start over from scratch. Steffiemarie/Brittney (anybody heard from her lately?) had next to her two main blogs one with her more naught content. For at least part of the bloggers that could be a solution. One blog without explicit material, and one with only the explicit material. It would mean that everybody would still be able to find you through the first blog, but would need an invitation for the second.
    I have no clue how much extra work that would be, as I only have a Blogger account, not a blog.

    Tumblr looks like a good solution for those who are not mainly blogging for the interaction, although your caps may end up anywhere by a mouse click. I like Tumblr’s way they handle the archives. It’s real easy to find stuff back, no matter the layout of the blog.

    Well I meant this to be a short reply. Didn’t succeed;)

  3. Take a note of the main post. It affects your blog: