Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First Update

edited/redacted for personal reasons.


  1. OH geez! I'm so glad she's okay! Hope they catch that piece of shit!

  2. That's terrible, I hope that the fucking idiot gets caught and ends up with years in prison. It's great that your daughter is good and I hope that she gets home.

  3. I hope your daughter will recover completely soon, and that they get the driver.
    And please take care of yourself as well.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about this, so terrible. I hope she gets to come home soon and feels better soon. I'll be thinking good thoughts and I really hope they catch that idiot.

  5. Oh my God Dee! That is awful! I hate fuckers who drive drunk or crazy and then hurt or kill others. I'm with you on hoping the scum gets caught. But for now, I'm mostly hopeful that your daughter and her boyfriend will be okay. I know you love her and wouldn't want her to have any lingering injuries.



  6. Sorry to hear that, Dee. Best wishes!

  7. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Hope they catch the guy soon and she comes home with no long term health issues.

    I agree about the snow I'm wondering where the global warming is...

  8. I'm going to split my thoughts into two paths for you Dee. Path one will be hoping that your daughter has a quick and full recovery. I'm so glad that she's stable and am hoping that she's home and safe as I write this out. Path two... that fucker is going to pay. He's going to get the bad end of every situation he can imagine. Caught by a policeman that will have to subdue him (with all due force). Put in a jail cell with people that will cause him emotional and physical harm. A no nonsense judge giving him a stiff penalty. Fellow prison inmates that will send him to the health center repeatedly. I'm adding other thoughts into this path, but they're best left to the imagination.

    Don't worry about posting here, I'm sure you'll want to spend as much time with your daughter as you can. We'll assume that good things are happening until you can come on and confirm them.


  9. That is horrible news. Hopefully someone got the license plate number and the authorities will be able to trace it to the driver and apprehend them. I'd also respectfully suggest your daughter get a good lawyer to after this idiot, who hit their car and hurt them so badly. Sadly, in a lot these accidents have no injuries to the drunk who hit somebody else ; the victims aren't so lucky. I'll be praying for both your daughter and her boyfriend. Meanwhile take whatever time you need ; the blog can wait, family first.

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    1. (Stupid typos.) I'm very happy your daughter and her boyfriend survived the crash, and I hope she (they?) both heal quickly and without any complications. I certainly hope the catch the reckless moron soon.

  11. Dee, my deepest hope is that they catch the bastard, cuff him to a chair and allow you some quality alone time with him! Hope your daughter comes through this without any lingering concerns!
    Back and neck are tricky spots, make sure the doctors are ounce of prevention and all that!
    You and your family are in my thoughts today!

  12. My best thoughts are with you and your daughter right now Dee! Hope she makes a full recovery soon and they catch the son of a bitch that caused the collision.