Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quick Update

Personal stuff -- edited & deleted.


  1. The news reported is excellent. BF raised his stock I reckon. How is your daughter doing? I hope okay.

  2. Glad to hear the daughter is going to be alright ! And that the hit-run driver has been caught. For what it's worth, I'd suggest your daughter continue seeing the doctors as long as she can , including an osteopath if necessary for pain. Being in such a brutal wreck such as that occurred to me almost 15 years ago ; I still have to see a chiropractor at least once a month for chronic upper neck and shoulder area pain ! I have to live with it each day and it still flares up. Hopefully she has a good attorney to recover damages ; it's a long, long process though. Take care.

  3. I'm glad to hear this news - I missed the initial announcement so I'm glad to see this bit with it.