Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or Treat Rewards ... and DIY Challenge Results!

Everyone needs potassium in their daily diet.

Since the Patriots stomped on the Broncos and Peyton Manning (#18) I figured I would post a caption from WAY back! I think its from my 1st month of captioning! (Just checked and it was!)

Didn't have quite as many submissions for the DIY Challenge this time around. Let's get cracking!

This first one is from Dawn (Commentator) who went with an old saying, which is old because it is usually true! I think the only way it would've been better is she went the full Village People route and mentioned a construction worker or an Indian maiden! I'm betting she was going that way but decided not to go over the top.

The other submission was from Brittany7 from the Haven. I'll have you know that we DO have indoor plumbing in the Haven HQ, but having newbies bring in some well water helps build character! Another fun caption, and I think its probably due to the picture. I think it would be hard to write a downbeat caption for the source photo.

I'd like to thank all those who participated in the Trick or Treat event I had here on Halloween. It was nice to see some people come to the blog dressed up so pretty. So glad I left the porch light on! We achieved both goals, in getting me over the 150k page view (finally!) and getting rid of a few posts that had no comments on them.

UPDATE: OK Sara! Here's the modified caption you requested!


  1. Thanks for the recap! Keep up the fantastic work. :)

  2. Oh, Wow thanks. There are so many great caps, yet a lot of them don't have names... Could you please TRICK OR TREAT for the cap Like Something that ate the Canary. Male names James. Thanks

    1. All set! Glad you requested that caption! I enjoyed making it AND remaking it for you!

  3. Wonderful Dee, I love it thank you! I liked that cap before because its sexy and hilariously witty at the same time.
    But now that its for me I enjoy it so much more. Thank you again.

    xoxoxo Katie Mills

  4. Great to see a cap from your early days. It gives a good impression how your work evolved.

    I wish I had the time to make an entry for your DIY, the picture was interesting enough, but RL got a bit in the way. Nothing serious, but time consuming. It left me a little drained.

    I was getting a Village People vibe from Dawn’s cap as well, and almost expected the rest of them to appear in it as well.
    Brittanny made a lovely cap as well.

  5. The secret to making little allusions to things your readers might know is not to overdo it. Those that know the Village People would get the reference after the first few characters and those that don't wouldn't be going - 'what the hell is an indian chief doing in the cap.'

    1. I know sweetie! I was ribbing you, and who doesn't want a reader to say, "what the hell is an Indian chief doing in this cap!?!" That just might be a future goal I'd like to achieve!