Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween! Come Inside!

.. and a REAL Treat for those who comment before 12 Midnight PST!

Making this quick as there is only about 4 hours left for the TREAT!

I hate seeing posts with no comments like, for instance, the most current caption posts.

I also am coming close to breaking my record for page views for a month, and I'd like to break 150K. UPDATE: We JUST made it over 150K .. officially 150,365 page hits for October!

Sooooo, for anyone who does the following:

  • Comment on either of the newest 2 postings, OR one from the "Zero Post" tag. It should at least reference something in the post. I don't really want to see "GREAT CAPTION!" but more like, "I wish I could look as good as that when I dressed up for Halloween. I did go as Marilyn Monroe once to a frat party!"
What is the TREAT for doing that? Well, look through this blog and find a caption you really enjoy. Go down to the comment section on THIS POST and type in "TRICK OR TREAT!" and the name of that caption, and I will convert that caption into one with your name in it. If I don't know you very well, then you will have to provide me with a male and female name.

EASY PEASY isn't it? Well, get cracking! Maybe I'll do it for everyone that comments before Midnight PST. I just want people to enjoy their Halloween AND get me over the 148K hump, which I've hit 3 months in a row!

And watch this after you've done your Trick or Treating!

C'mon. Muppets with Alice Cooper AND Vincent Price! I'm spoiling you all!


  1. TRICK OR TREAT! Not sure what the cap title is of the one I like, but it's the second cap in the post "I *insist* you wear that tux ... and answers to queries!" The pregnancy one. :D

  2. I'll see if I have the original in my d'archives. I have about 90 percent of them so it shouldn't be an issue.

    I'll be creating/posting them in the next week or two. I can probably just post it to your Haven folder.


  3. Trick or treat! Hopefully I'm not too late and tour porch light is still on. What a great idea Dee! And congrats on your 150 k views for October. I'll leave a link to the cap I'd like to have my name added.

    xoxoxo Katie Mills

  4. Oh and Wednesday Adams fits your persona perfect. Lol! She hated everyone before it was cool to hate everyone. :) Happy Halloween!

  5. trick or treat!!! I like the "Auntie is teaching you a lesson" cap. I wore that outfit for a test run for Halloween. Didn't get to dress up though, work got in the way
    Happy Halloween.
    I would like to have my name added to the "Her most secret fantasy" cap. Female name: Holly.

  6. It is not 12 PST yet, hello. I like Jennifer's costume the most. Or maybe she's just wearing it the best.

  7. Lovely Halloween cap. I did look yesterday at your caps, but to pick one I really enjoy? Well that goes for most of them. So I had to pass on your offer.
    This episode of the Muppet Show with Vincent Price is one of my favorite. It is probably why I secretly watched his movies on the television, and in the process discovering Edgar Allan Poe before I hit my teens.

  8. Helena, last year I visited Baltimore. I have family that live just outside of the harbor. I spent some time in a place called Fell's Point. It hasn't changed aside from running water, sewer and electricity for 150 years. I was at a bar there called The Horse You Rode In On Saloon. Edgar Allan Poe wrote some of his work there. It was also the last place he visited before he died. He was found laying outside the Saloon where he was taken to help but he didn't make it.

    I absolutely love Edgar Allan Poe, I have his complete works next to my chair in my house at all times. :)

    Xoxoxo Katie Mills

    1. Ooh, I envy you. I don’t think I will have the opportunity to visit places Poe visited any time soon.
      Most works of Poe I read in Dutch, and I have most of his work in my bookcase, within reach. Thanks to the Gutenberg Project I have them on my e-reader as well.
      Btw, another influence for me in discovering Poe was the Alan Parsons Project with their album "Tales of mystery and imagination."