Monday, November 3, 2014

When Will Kaaren Meet the BAD MAN?!?

And how will she know who it is? A mystery awaits!

Made this one today for Kaaren as I had some time to mellow out and actually create. Remaking some of my favorite captions for the Trick or Treaters gave me the impetus to whip up something new, and I ended up making another caption besides this one.

I hope I was able to get into the mindset of Kaaren, or at least a facsimile of her thinking, since I think I've determined that its not particularly my scene, especially in real life. I would never think of begrudging her some fun though, and certain aspects of having no control can appeal to me in my imagination, especially since I seem to manage (or dominate) so many things in my day to day living. I definitely like cumming way too much to have someone else have a say as to when I do, and I can only assume when it finally happens it must be like a fire hose since that is what happens if I go a day or two without letting one fly!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, making a caption for Kaaren! Who doesn't like a bit of mystery in their lives? I wanted to have some fun with it, and naming the suspects one by one could get people squirming a bit, and since I get to play pretend as well, I've not been a she-male dominatrix nearly enough in my captioning career!

What I like about this caption is that I DID leave it vague enough for those who only fantasize about being cuckolded, and hopefully left enough in for those who DO like being cucked. There is also the discovery aspect of it that can appeal to the readers. Maybe the protagonist is just playing a game with his wife? Maybe it is totally real? That is for you to decide!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So what do YOU think is happening? What scenario would it be if YOU were Kaaren? Did I go too far, just about right, or not far enough?

Hey, we've got ourselves a new label .. cuckold. If you know of any captions on here previously that should have that tag, please let me know and I'll add it so people can search for it.


  1. Ooooohhh Nooo! A Bad Man making me jump at his command into various humiliating scenes!!!! You're just fueling my fantasies Dee! Or should I say Mistress Mentia while I drop a nice curtsey?
    The cuckold life is hard to explain and some...probably most will never understand it! It's about love and trust for me and my sweet wife!
    I'm absolutely flattered to be featured in another one of your delightful creations! And I think you got it just about right! A little mystery like this could be unbelievably exciting!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. I try to vary my captions so I don't get stuck in a rut, or get bored making the same caption over and over again. Its why I tend to make captions for you and Leeanne, since I really haven't made a ton of captions in that realm, so it feels new and fresh to me.

      Speaking of Leeanne, I expected her to make her presence known in this post. Maybe she's getting her panty ruffles re-fluffed?

  2. Would it have been for me, it would be the wife, believing she helps me to take steps I was to afraid to take. I think this is just right. It even leaves room to enjoy it if cuckolding is not within your prefs, fantasies or kinks.

    1. Glad it could still hit a nice spot for you. It makes me feel like it could be a bit more universal than just for a niche group. There is nothing like giving the imagination a good workout, along with certain other body parts! (unless those are locked up for some reason!)

  3. First off I love this picture. The cap is very sexy as well. I think it came out just right. If it were me and I was sitting there looking that good. I would have the same attitude, no sense of urgency whatsoever. Lol!
    Great Cap Dee!

    xoxoxo Katie Mills