Tuesday, November 25, 2014

LIGHTS! ..The DIY Results!

Apparently people seem to think I'm some crazy bitch bent on world domination!!!

Whoever gave them that sort of silly idea anyway? LOL

Well, then, I have been busy finalizing a car purchase so I have not had much time to really whip up an official blurb for each caption that was submitted, but I hope everyone will show them some love anyway and let the creators know what you think about their work! Two were submitted fully complete by their creators, and two submitted stories to be placed into the caption setting. I really like the font I chose for those two since it just seems to scream electricity without being too jagged or slanted. All I can say is, "great job everyone! Keep up the good work!"

The one up above is from Sarah Ashley, the one below is from Dawn (Commentator)

The next one is from Helena:

And lastly, but certainly not least, is Brittany7 from the Haven.

I hope that everyone has had an illuminating experience on this DIY Challenge!


  1. Love to see everyone's work. Good work everybody!

  2. Thank you Sarah, yours is great as well, and indeed great caps from the rest.