Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Moment of Self-Rediscovery ...

.. is a lifetime on the hips, amirite ladies?

This was a case of finding a picture and immediately having an idea that I had to put into caption form at the moment. For some reason, the whole design of the room made me feel like she was in a restaurant, especially since you can't see a bed, dresser or anything else, even in the reflection of the mirror.

One of my favorite types of caption styles are to juxtapose settings with stories that give you a punchline you weren't expecting. I think its a case now where people often figure that I *WILL* do that so I try to balance that out with captions like the one in the last blog post which was fairly straight forward. If I can keep a reader off-balance, then I think I've done my job.

The only thing I don't particularly like is that amount of negative space in the lower left of the caption, but I didn't want to narrow her speech anymore, and making larger would've seemed like she was yelling, which isn't an attractive thing for a lovely woman in front of a mirror to be doing!

Had a pretty good weekend. Got to watch the Patriots kick ass again, this time over the Detroit Lions. That's a seven game win streak now, and the 4th division leader they've beaten, with a chance to beat a 5th next week if they can derail the great Packers team at Lambeau field next week. Also, did some shopping, for both food (got me a fake, stuffed turkey to munch on for Thanksgiving) and a new artificial Christmas tree. Got a good deal at Home Depot. I remember when you used to be able to get a good deal on trees after December 25, but they don't do that anymore. Many times you won't even find any trees left by the middle of December, so we took the 50 percent off to make sure we didn't have to use a Charlie Brown tree again this year! Now a quick few days at work (I took Black Friday off so I'd have a 4 day weekend) and its on to December!


  1. I think it's a great cap, but I don't see the space you refer to as negative. I think it is a positive space.
    Dawn finished speaking, and Dolores, is silent for a little time, unable to speak for being touched by Dawn's words. Maybe even hugging Dawn, to regain her voice.
    Well, that is what I imagine happens during the silence, that is represented by the space.

    Sometimes a caption with such a space, it wouldn't add anything, even simply being bad layout. In this case it has a funtion. and the cap gains from it.

    1. Well, I thank you for thinking that, but I still think its negative space.

      However, you are comment #3,333 on the blog, so I'll be making you a caption at some point soon! I had/have certain #'s picked for comments getting captions, and this happened to be one of them!

      Congratulations Helena!