Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An Apple a Day .. and a DIY!

.. is not filling enough, especially when you are on a diet!

Made this one for Lyndee back in January of 2012. It was quite a bit of fun to make and you know me .. I love the word play! Why not plant some seeds and enjoy the fruits of your labor now and again, and harvest something from the past that gives you some glee? There were quite a few "apple" references, and even Newton gets his due. If I can get you to chuckle (or groan!) and smile, then I've done my job for the day .. and likely kept the doctor away!

And now, I reveal to you .. the latest in DIY technology! I created the caption setting back in January, and really hadn't tried to whip something up, though I did have some ideas. I figured this would be a fun one to let everyone else tackle. If I get some free time, perhaps I will try to work something up for it too! Lets get really creative! The challenge will end on Sunday, May 25 at midnight PST.

Something I am going to do now to keep others from seeing your submissions until everyone is done .. I have created a "Latest DiY" page where you can submit something there. I think i'll just remake it each time there is a challenge going on. Actually, if you have any other ideas, I will certainly listen to them. I figure the comments here could be used just for the caption I posted above and that way, anyone can read the comments without seeing what others have written for the DIY. You'll find the page right below my blog banner.

Wow! Found a song that works for both photos I posted! How often does THAT happen?


  1. This cap is golden, it is delicious.
    Meg and Jack's song made me a bit melancholic though, My dad had several fruit trees in his garden, when I grew up. I miss the apple and cherry blossoms in spring. Still it are good and happy memories.

    Your DIY ends on Towel Day? This hoopy frood better gets to work.

    1. We've got the cherry blossoms out at work, pretty much covering everything in a pink frosting as they fall!

      The DIY Challenge is mostly harmless though!

  2. why did the apple get banned from the stock exchange?
    for in cider trading.
    cringe !