Friday, May 23, 2014

Three of a Kind .. Suited!

 Can't you tell? Her face was flushed!

Made this quickie the other day when I had a half hour or so to spare. The picture appealed to me, though I am not sure if they are all trying to dress up like maids or some anime character. It didn't matter too much though, because I wanted to use the subtle differences to define Dennis, the main character from the other two, even though they were mostly peas in the same pod.

I wanted to post last night, but once again real life gets in the way, and I'm not sure how much I'll be posting over the next week or so. I don't want everyone to think that its shitty times at the Dementia household, as we have some good stuff going on as well that keeps us busy. Just a balance of awesome and "Oh FUCK!" that keeps us spinning around in circles. I do have the week off from work so I can try to celebrate some good things like another anniversary with the GF, and also take care of some un-pleasantries that have risen. Looking to hopefully get life back in order as much as possible by the beginning of June. Most of the postings over the next week or so will be more like this one, a caption with a quickie write up. I hope you'll indulge me until I can start making more long form postings again. Its been an exhilarating and exhausting time all rolled into one!

I cannot wait for this CD to come out in June. Sage Francis is the rap poet laureate of Rhode Island!


  1. So Dee harbors secret thoughts of wanting to be a sissy maid? Interesting. Very interesting....

    1. Huh what? I was tired when i wrote this but I don't recall saying that!

      Hmm, the only thing I can see is that perhaps you thought I was the 3rd girl there? I know that I'm not quite back in a groove so its not the best set up, but the caption has the 3 friends facing me as I react to them once again picking out the same costume for my monthly costume party.

      I am now thinking back to a craigs list ad I saw, where a guy would come to your house and do light cleaning for free (or clerical work) if he was allowed to wear a maid's outfit while doing it. I am guessing his wife wasn't playing into his fantasy so he needed some sort of outlet. That is my thought .. why bother being a sissy maid, when you can just outsource it to someone who'll do it even better?

      Sorry I wasn't clearer with this one Leeanne! Think I need 20 lashes with a wet noodle!

    2. I have to admit, I didn't get that the first time I read it either, but I just got out of bed then, and my mind was still shifted in neutral. Now, on the verge of going back to bed it makes more sense, even without the addition of these comments.
      Great cap. And only because the 25th already started here, you may use a towel for protection from the lashes.

  2. I think I'm going to have to consider this one a fail, if most people seemed to think I was one of the 3 amigos so to speak. Any ideas on how I could've made it more clearer, other than having the 3rd person talk (which I had considered but REALLY didn't want to add another voice to make it even more confusing!)

    1. If this is a fail to you, at least you fail with style and greadness.
      Maybe you didn't hit the ball in the direction you wanted, buy you definately scored.