Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Next Thing in TG Advertisements

If you don't look good .. we don't look good!

Made this for one of the earlier editions of the Haven Quarterly. We really wanted it to look magazine quality, so we definitely had to have advertisements in there somewhere. We had a few pages of half captions, so these were put in to fill up the spaces.

Why were both ad for "Huts" ?? Well, it was mostly an inside joke amongst us, that no matter what you sold, it should be in a hut, like Pizza Hut or Yarn Hut. Nothing more, nothing less, but it is a funny word, and if I can't work "CREDENZA" into my work, then perhaps "HUT" will keep me giggling like a school girl on laughing gas.

Magazine advertisements are so ingrained into our life on the planet, we probably don't even process 80 percent of what is created, but its a rich mining ground for TG caption ideas though. At least I think so! We've covered them before, like HERE, and I have some more in the D'archives I'll be pulling out at some point I think.

SOME SHORT TAKES (not worthy of a full blog posting!)

Congratulations go out to Amanda's Reading Room for hitting one million page views! She always produces quality work that are too long to be captions, but not quite short enough to be captions either. That doesn't make my case too well so just head on over there and look at her PDF's!

Another thing I'd like to mention is the whole "traffic feed" thing that has been added to many blog sites. I am very uncomfortable with them, even if there is "no tracking" element to them. I am not too naive to think that there is no way someone could trace my IP and its point of origin back to me from one of these plug-ins. Therefore, nothing personal, but I'm not commenting on your site, especially since comments are also time stamped. I'll drop in, now and again, using a VPN, but sorry, no feedback for you.

I go out of my way here to keep people anonymous if they wish to be, and that includes the ability to post anonymously without CAPCHA on the last 7 days worth of posts, and anything after 7 days with confirmation that it isn't spam. Trust me, its not fun clearing out the SPAM folder every day, but until that becomes unbearable, commenting here should be as easy peasy as can be!

Its always interesting to see how people respond to captions here compared to Rachel's Haven. Some posted here get quite a few comments here and at the Haven as well, like Deal of a Lifetime which got 4 comments here and also 4 on the Haven. Usually though, one will have many more than the other. The caption from yesterday, I Don't Really See a Downside, huh Dave? got SEVEN comments on the Haven within 8 hours of posting which is truly a huge amount for a caption there, and somehow its coming up on 24 hours and nothing so far here on the blog. Perhaps its because I didn't really give much of anything resembling a discussion point. Its certainly gotten 7 "loved it!" votes and driven the site to over 9k page views today (HOLY SHIT!!) so I know its popular.

I want to preface this by saying I am not fishing for comments or "omigod I love your work!" I mention this because I really am a bit of a science wonk and I love to study things I don't understand. I've done some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) study in the past while working through some web design classes, and its fascinating to see what drives page hits, comments, etc .. There are so many variables at play, and sometimes it feels so ephemeral, especially when I try to predict what I thought was a trend, and it gets blown out of the water either way, as in WAY more popular, or DAMN, did this post actually go out over the internet? I'd like to think that there is more at play than just chaos theory and random chance. There must be some intelligent design that has carefully crafted everything you see here!

I should have DIY stuff posted in a day or two I think. Hopefully today made up for a lack of verbiage from me yesterday!


  1. I think these remedial activities should be mandatory on a yearly basis for every sissy!

    1. Kind of like getting an auto inspection? Make sure a cop takes your sissy out for a spin every year or two!

  2. Interesting perspective. Honestly...I'm happy if I get a single comment on one of my posts - most of them get zero - despite thousands of views - and however much I spend on each commission posted. Not sure if it's the type of site I run or what - but it always seems weird to me to see so much feedback on a caption site, when I get so little.

    Ah well....such is life.

    1. Hopefully you will have some people drop in and make comments. Popping up in other blogs and becoming a part of the community is always a good start.

      The Haven used to have more comments per trade caption posted, but it does run in cycles. I guess we really put the emphasis on feedback there and it spills over to other blogs that are associated with it.

  3. Would love to find a Pilates class doing this. Classes are usually small and fairly private so what a great place to change out of drab, admire each other in leggings and warm up before glamming up and hitting the town.

    1. You'd have to think that some enterprising young woman would get on that!

  4. Fun Ad Caps Dee!

    I think the faux advertisements is one of the things that made the Haven Quarterly so much fun to read. When reading most magazines I spend quite a bit of time looking at and reading the advertisements, so a Haven mag without them would have seemed a little odd.

    Now if only someone could sell something called a jabba, we could have the natural progression of selling said jJabbas… the Jabba Hut!!!

    I’ve completely given up on figuring out what goes into generating visits, hits, and comments. Some of that comes from moving down to ‘part time’ capping, but even when I was going full bore, I couldn’t get my head around it. Just checking my own blog stats, I’m still getting over 1000 page views a day. That’s without making a new post in 22 days. That just doesn’t seem right to me. I imagine part of it is coming from the heaps and heaps of spam comments I’m getting. I believe my “Keep Your Sissy Beautiful PSA” cap has received over 150 spam comments… it STILL gets multiple spam comments every week.


    1. I do think that the spam monsters are having an effect on the amount of page hits each blog is getting. Like you, I've had a few posts that seem to ensnare them all, so now I'm up to about 20-30 SPAM posts per day so I can't pretend like they aren't targeting me. I guess I should take that as a compliment too .. that I have enough views for Spam bots to think its worth advertising ball bearings and G!nk0 B!|boa!

  5. great captions, is Petra still teaching pilates?

    The "traffic feed" is keeping me from making comments on some other blogs as well. Even if my IP adress wouldn't be traceble, there is a difference between the relative anonimity of 17 million people, or an area were. only a few hundred people live.

    Hmm, after playng Nada Surf, the first suggestion from You Tube I got was "not an addict" by K's Choise. I wonder if they are trying to tell me something;)